Friday, November 29, 2013

Elections Do Have Consequences!

Unfortunately, for the past two presidential election cycles, the U.S. electorate elected and then re-elected a president that has not had a beneficial effect on our society. It seems to me that the people voted for a candidate, Barack Hussein Obama, because of the color of his skin, not on the content of his character. Martin Luther King would be turning over in his grave if he could witness what is happening in and to our country today.

Scandal after scandal, race relations at a boiling point, our economy under performing, and our foreign policy in a shambles, all because the majority of the voting public “wanted change”. Well, they got that change all right, right in the solar plexus, and it will take years to undo the damage Obama and his flunky’s have done to the country. Lying with a straight face seems to be the national pastime in Wash. D.C. today.

I have never, in my many years of observing politics, seen such a “cult” worship on the part of a goodly portion of the electorate who consider Obama their “Messiah”, and that includes many in the main stream media. The term that best describes this condition is called “cognitive dissonance”.

Can you imagine if Mitt Romney, a righteous man with enormous administrative and business experience, was elected in 2012, how things would be different than they are today? We would now be in the process of dismantling that monstrosity called the (Un)Affordable Care Act (a/k/a Obamacare). All the chaos that we are experiencing now would be mitigated by a president who could see the deficiencies of this ill-conceived law. Under a Pres. Romney, we would be opening up all areas for our exploration of our natural resources of oil, coal, and natural gas thereby making us free from importing much of our energy needs from countries that are not friendly to us and who have bilked us over the years with inflated energy prices. Under Romney, we’d be able to reduce the duplication and waste in a bloated federal government, in addition to trying to reduce our national debt by not throwing good taxpayer money down the proverbial rat hole, in hopes of generating future votes from the “low information” voters in future elections.

The worst thing a Republican, Conservative, or Independent voter could do is to stay home at election time and not vote because they didn’t agree with 100% of a candidates position on various issues. That’s what happened to Romney and now look what we are saddled with - 4 more years of national upset and massive political ignorance.

Yes, elections do have consequences, and if you don’t see it now, you never will. Forget about a 3rd Party and for looking for that “100% pure” ideological candidate, there “ain’t” no such animal, otherwise, we’ll have another 4 years of “progressive lunacy”, in the name of Hillary Rodham Clinton. We can’t afford another Marxist/Socialist in the White House, along with her “horn-dog” of a first husband by the name of Slick Willie Clinton. A word to the wise should be sufficient.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Vince Weaver said...

Can you imagine if the country would have elected Mitt Romney President? Don't you think we'd be much better off than we are today, both domestically and foreign policy-wise? For those people who didn't vote because Romney wasn't conservative enough or you didn't like his religion, look at what he have now until Jan. 2017, a complete fraud in the White House masquerading as a president. Don't let that happen again and we can start by electing a G.O.P. Congress and Senate in 2014.
Yes, Chuck is right, elections do have consequences.

George G said...

It is unfortunate that liberals are not the only ones suffering the malady of ignorance. There is no logic in staying home and burying your head in the sand like an ostrich, hoping the plague will disappear by not voting. It exposes your rear end for anyone to kick it, and until now, Obama has been doing it!