Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thank You AARP

As you know from commercials on TV, in the newspapers, and in other media AARP sponsors, actually sells, health care plans from United Healthcare - an insurance company. AARP was one of the biggest boosters of Obamacare promising seniors that they would benefit under it - or at least wouldn't be harmed by its passage. They have made a charade of looking as if they support seniors rather than pocketing the money from selling United Healthcare medicare policies.

Well, today's edition of Investors Business Daily has some interesting news. UnitedHealth Group, the parent of United Healthcare, announced earnings that were far below what analysts predicted or expected. As a result, the stock dropped 5% in one day. Further, a press release indicated that next year's earnings would miss analysts' estimated "due to ObamaCare cuts to Medicare payments." The insurer also said it expected further earnings pressures in 2014 "when health care reforms take effect." To help improve its financial position the insurer indicated that it would "withdraw" some Medicare Advantage plans in 2014. One analyst thinks that in the long run the Medicare Advantage Plans will face substantial cuts to pay for subsidies, etc. given to non-seniors under Obamacare.

Here in the Tampa Bay area we have already seen what these cuts mean. First, UnitedHealthcare in some of its programs dropped out of the Silver Sneakers Program. Second, it substantially raised the copay for all but generic drugs. Third, it increased the copay for specialists and any out of network medical providers. Finally, it dropped the leading area cancer center, the Moffitt Cancer Center, from its coverage! Just imagine the wonderful changes in store for us in 2014 when ObamaCare is fully implemented.

The AARP said none of this would happen if ObamaCare was passed and they would continue to watch over the interests of seniors. Well, so much for empty promises. AARP will continue to peddle United's medicare policies and if our costs for these policies increase no doubt so will their commissions.

So, thank you AARP for screwing us seniors.

Conservative Commentary by Jim Pirretti

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Alan Rudolph said...

The AARP is a lapdog of the Democratic Party. Their main object is to shill for companies who try to sell insurance and other products to unsuspecting seniors. They were one of the biggest cheerleaders for Obama in his re-election and for implementation of his (Un)Affordable Care Act. All the officers of the AARP make 6 and 7 number salaries, and they are riding Obama in all that he proposes. An alternative to AARP is to join a conservative leaning organization called AMAC. Google it up.