Thursday, October 10, 2013

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Ballack Inssein Obama
Enough has been said, enough has been written, enough has been documented - to prove beyond question, that Barack Hussein Obama is unqualified, unsuited and unfit to be the President of the United States.  Does it take a brick wall to fall on us before we 'get it'?
Anyone who thinks that patriotism is bothersome - anyone who is uncomfortable with competition -  anyone who believes The Constitution is no longer valid - anyone who is only comfortable in a crowd of like-minded people - anyone who feels the need to be represented by a trade union -  anyone who truly believes it is okay to take wealth from one group and give it to another - anyone who believes this President's divisive class-warfare rhetoric - anyone who believes that big Government can solve all problems better than creative, entrepreneurial individuals - - quite obviously, these are the kinds of people who voted to put Obama into office. They fell for his line of B.S. - not once but, twice.  
This proves to me at least, that the 'Something-for-Nothing' crowd; the people who voted based upon skin color; the clueless and the careless; and those who always vote against established authority; -  these are the people who put Obama into office.  They seem unaware that so far, there has been no gain and  they don't appear as yet, to be feeling much pain.  We have a tanking economy; huge price increases in necessities such as food & gas; painful unemployment all across the country; increasing incidents of violent racism in the news every day and violent terrorism being taken as a matter of course by an unconcerned Obama.  Plus, his sycophant appointees who head up the agencies that are supposed to be protecting us - they too, seem equally unconcerned. .  Where is the outrage?  Where is their sense of obligation to honor the oath they swore to protect us?  Do these people not equate Obama's lack of leadership with the fact that these problems go unresolved?  Do they not connect the dots between these conditions and the many-times-tried; always-failed Democrat policies?  Can they not see what is happening to America?  Do they care?
And, very sad to say - an overwhelming majority of Jewish voters here in South Florida appear to be among those with their heads buried in the sand.  These folks always vote the straight Democrat  ticket.  They do so, simply because their parents voted for FDR when he promised to end the Great Depression.  They cannot convincingly, point to any positive results from Democrat leadership. Let them try to make the case for the tyrannical Socialism, Communism and Islamist-Jihad we are facing.
I share my Jewish heritage with these folks but, I am at a total loss to comprehend why otherwise intelligent people can be so suicidal when it comes to politics that have profoundly detrimental effects on their own lives and the lives of their families.  What are they drinking;  what are they thinking? Have they lost their ability to reason?  Are they really so arrogant as to think their judgment regarding Obama is infallible?  Can they really be so dense as to imagine that their Jewishness is not the target of an undercurrent of anti-Semitism  that has always existed in this country?  Do they imagine that the Islamist movement currently gaining power in much of American life, (thanks to Muslim-in-Chief Obama) will not sooner or later, be focusing their Jihad on Synagogues, Jewish organizations and individual Jews, themselves?  Are my fellow Jews really that stubborn & stupid?   I can only say, "Oy Vay!".
MORT KUFF  © 9-2-2013

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Ed Marberry said...

Does anybody, in their right mind, think that Barack Hussein Obama would be president today if he was "lily white"? Firstly, he wouldn't have been nominated by the Democrats, Hillary would most assuredly have been the Democratic candidate. Obama parlayed a miniscule resume into the nomination because of "white guilt" and the desire of the liberals to show how tolerant and diverse they are by supporting a black person for president. Look what that thinking has gotten us, using that logic. Our economy still hasn't recovered like it should have, our foreign policy is in shambles, and we are laughed at around the world, all because people voted for race over competence, especially when it came to Obama vs. Romney. Do you think we would've been in this mess today if we elected Romney? Only an Obama Zombie would say yes to that.