Sunday, October 27, 2013

Synthetic Hysteria

If you listen to the Obama Administration, you’d think that the sky was about to crash to the ground. Obama and the Democrats are trotting out the usual emotional, false information to try to gain the sympathy of the public. Like on cue, they trot out the rhetoric of the “evil” Republicans who want children and women to suffer (you could also add in seniors and the infirm). They always try to tug at our heartstrings with these worst case scenarios. By the way, how come they never mention the men?

No doubt a government shutdown is an inconvenience that most people don’t like, but where is the President in trying to bring the parties together? He is A.W.O.L., again, as his leadership skills are woefully lacking. How can you resolve a difference of opinion by refusing to talk to the opposition party? He said he would not negotiate with the Republicans. He claims that he will not bow to the “extortion demands” of the Republicans. It seems “it’s his way or the highway” as he is the all-knowing, omniscient, master of the realm, who knows what is best for the rest of us. Is he trying to make amends for his disastrous “red line” fiasco in Syria, as his being a weak leader, by now playing hardball over the government shutdown and debt-ceiling problems? Being so inexperienced in the ways of being an executive and organization leader, he compounds his inexperience by being petulant and by using derogatory words to describe his opponents. How can he negotiate with people he has demonized?

Look at some of the decisions he has recently made. Firstly, he requested and had implemented a “Sequester” cutting back on government expenses, and then he blamed the “pain” on the “evil” Republicans. He never seems to take the blame for anything he does. Recently, he has ordered the closing of open-air memorials and monuments and national parks, and of course, he blamed the Republicans. So when a group of World War 11 veterans (men and women in their 80’s and 90’s) tried to visit the WW11 memorial, they were turned away. It took more workers to put up the barriers than the number of people who were furloughed. What a disgrace! Luckily, the Vets broke down the barriers and paid their respects.

In another instance, he ordered that families of dead servicemen not to be reimbursed for burial expenses. What crime did these grieving families commit to be treated in such a shabby manner? Obama had the authority to free up these payments, but to this “narcissist”, he seems to have a “tin ear” when it comes to doing the right thing, especially when it comes to our nation’s veterans.

His trying to maximize the pain of a government shutdown in order to gain political points over the Republicans, is an outrage and an avoidable inconvenience to the general public.

The tide now seems to turning against Obama as his disapproval number is now up to 53% and his approval number is down to 37% and falling. Another poll showed that close to 80% of the public thinks that our country is on the “wrong track“. Maybe many of the “low information” voters, who voted for him in 2012, have now seen that the criticisms of Obama are now coming true. This “Synthetic Hysteria” that is pushed by Obama and the Democrats must cease and meaningful leadership take place, but with Obama at the helm, it might just be wishful thinking. The people definitely have a case of “Apocolypse Fatigue”.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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16th Brigade said...

The treatment of our heroic US Soldiers by B. Hussein Obama during the Government Shutdown is a total disgrace and just one of many reasons for Impeachment. I know that will never happen as America is now too politically correct to impeach a complete failure if he is part black.

George G said...

Obama's water boarding took shape in the form of inflicting as much pain during the shutdown, to pressure even non-politicos to make his sadistical point, punishing anyone opposed to him.
I thought we didn't use torture in this country.

Ed Marberry said...

My advice to Republicans is to not fall for appeals of "Synthetic Hysteria" that the Democrats will bring up about the social issues of abortion, contraception, gay rights and the phony "war on women". We should stick to hammering the Democrats on the economy, the (Un)Affordable Care Act, government intrusion in our lives, and a bloated government that has 4 million employees (mostly Democrat voters). We must hang the Democrats with the albatross of these issues around their necks come next years mid-term elections. We cannot afford to give Obama a Democratic Congress during his final two years. Look what happened his 1st two years in office, a disaster which we are paying for now.