Thursday, October 17, 2013

Teaching the ABCD's

There seems to be a misconception of what freedom is. Libertarianism does
not define it, nor do progressives, because they are ideologues who always
want to fix what ain't broke, and being politically correct giving it to some
by taking it away from others.

Freedom doesn't work without discipline and responsibility, that in some cases
proves to be dangerous if not applied properly. Do your own thing is a prime
example of things going astray when discipline and responsibility are shunned.
In some cases a freedom may have to be compromised for security or safety
and the most vocal against this are the ones who never fought for any of the
freedoms they enjoy.

Headlines dominate news, with our children committing horrific, insensitive acts,
spurred by undisciplined, irresponsible entertainment moguls and so called
artists, purveying smut and violence filling their pockets with unimaginable
wealth, along with sports idols sending a wrong message, all by their free life
style. College campuses are filled with clueless students having their minds
manipulated by professors who were stoned, doing their own thing in the sixties.

Some may say, they are not all like that, and I agree, but there are enough to have
screwed up the works. One of their products admittedly stoned in his youth, by his
own confession, in his book, "Dreams from My Father," our president, Barack
Hussein Obama, setting the wrong example. Especially to young black youth who
 are noticeably becoming a problem. His voice is silent to condemn his past and
speak to them and others about discipline, responsibility, hard work and stop
preaching they are victims of an unfair society.

Education must go back to the basics instead of forcing progressive innovations
concocted by the ideologues who always try to fix what ain't broke.
The letter D should be added to the basic ABC's, standing for drug education.
Drugs begins with a D, so does dumb. Not all homes are Father Knows Best.
Sadly undisciplined and irresponsibility has created single, unmarried mothers,
without a father image environ that can't be called home or family, perpetuating
poverty and a violent atmosphere. Few born into it escape it and it has to change.
The added D in basic education is to show there is another way. It should stress
what the President, community leaders and civil rights groups have not....drug free,
hard work and purpose is what will get them out of the eddy they are caught in.
Teach them self reliance, not government reliance.

There will be certain factions disagreeing with me because, in order to maintain
their cushy existence, they need the suppressed.

I was hoping the President was going to address some of the things concerning me
and many others which I stated above, when he spoke at the foot of the Lincoln
Memorial commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s, "I
Have a Dream" speech. He missed the opportunity to offer solutions, but instead
used that platform for his usual, blame society for the plight of unfortunate
minorities, unable to resist inserting misplaced politics into the event.

His delivery was impressive, but his aura seemed arrogant and sounding more like a
one-upmanship contest over Dr. King's speech, for historic impact. He failed to
even make a dent and his words will be forgotten, collecting dust in his presidential

Conservative article from George Giftos

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