Thursday, August 29, 2013

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“All vets are mentally ill in some way . . .”
The full statement made by Senator Dianne Feinstein was - - “All vets are mentally ill in some way and government should prevent them from owning firearms.” Such a ludicrous statement by a senior U. S. Senator, one of the ‘esteemed 100’, typifies the degree of disconnect that exists in the minds of so many of our elected representatives.
The Senate has far more than a few Members who are infinitely more ‘mentally ill’ than the worst-case veterans under treatment in the wards at Walter Reed Medical Center. For example:  Stupido Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, upChuck Schumer, the demented Dianne Feinstein, the egomaniacal Barbara Boxer, space-cadet Bill Nelson, Looney Toons Durbin  - - all, leftist Liberals who speak out loudly & proudly on behalf of  the party in the majority, the Senate Democrats.  Of what benefit to the general welfare of the American people, can representatives such as these, possibly be?  The answer is of course – ‘NONE’.
They, and their ultra-leftist ilk in the Senate, only add to the confusion, the misdirection, the waste and the corruption that exemplifies everything that is wrong, wrong, wrong – with this Legislative body.  No up-or-down votes; no cooperation with the House; no annual budget as it is their obligation to produce, under the law - - nothing but vitriol coming across the podium from the soft-spoken lunatic Reid.  In addition to being the chief  road-blockhead in the Senate, he is grossly repugnant as a human being.  What a combination to be leading the ‘Greatest Debating Society on Earth’.   
Sorry, Dianne baby – guns aren’t the problem.  Our problem is the shits & shots we’ve elected to run (make that, ‘ruin’) our country.  It is the re-elected Big Shit in the White House and the many-times re-elected Big Shots in the Senate that are creating the maelstrom that is actively destroying our safety, security and our freedoms in this country - not to mention the dismemberment of the Legislative Branch of our Federal Government. Guns, for your info Dianne-dear, are inanimate objects.  They can do no harm unless they are loaded, aimed and fired at someone, by someone.  Self-centered, self-indulgent Senators on the other hand, don’t need to have guns in their hands in order to create mayhem and do universal, massive harm to our citizenry.  They can do it by acting stupid.  
The only things more stupid than those few mentioned above and their like-minded cohorts in the Senate – are those clueless, extremely careless & irresponsible voters who elect and then re-elect, dangerous fools such as these, to represent them.
Is there any hope?  Will we ever learn?  It doesn’t look very promising at this juncture, does it?

MORT KUFF  © 8-26-2013

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1 comment:

George Giftos said...

Bravo Mort, for hitting it again on the sweet part of the bat.
Are these A-holes gonna outlaw flash lights because those two pieces of crap used them to murder the 88 year old veteran?
Go easy on Harry... don't forget, in his younger years he was a boxer and his head probably stopped one too many punches.