Thursday, August 8, 2013

MORT’s meanderings

Att:  President Barack Hussein Obama
Every single time you step up to a microphone, which is every single day – often, several times  a day - you have a new plan to divide this nation into opposing economic or racial segments.  
Every day, you have a new plan to tax,tax,tax & spend,spend,spend  money that Americans no longer have.  $17 Trillion in debt – and you blame Republicans, George Bush and George Washington.  It is your policies that have failed, failed, failed.  Got that?  They’ve failed!
Every day, you introduce new regulations and controls that hobble the free-enterprise system and frustrate individual entrepreneurship.  Obamacare will guarantee the downfall of America.
Every day, you invite illegal violations of our borders and create new benefits for those who are not willing to assimilate into our way of life or do anything to become contributing citizens.
Every day, you seem to be doing your best to emasculate our armed forces.  You’ve destroyed all the safeguards to our national security.  You’ve made us a laughing-stock as the paper tiger weaklings of the world. ‘Leading from behind’ is the coward’s way; it is not the American way.
Every day, you continue to alienate our former allies and bow in cowardly submission to our increasingly numerous hostile, violent enemies –in particular, the Muslim Brotherhood.
Is it possible for your ideology of hatred for all that is America and your cynical vindictiveness to take a day off?  Can you have the White House physician give you a shot that will dull your flaming Narcissism for just one news cycle?  Give us a break.
In other words, President Barack Hussein Obama – can you just sit down and shut up?

MORT KUFF  © 8-6-2013

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Fritz Ackley said...

My advice to our esteemed President Barack Hussein Obama is, why don't you open up your mind and shut your mouth, both are empty anyway?

Jack Klein said...

Who has a tiny brain, a big mouth, and an opinion nobody cares about? Ans. Barack Hussein Obama.
As an example, our Messiah made the following comments on the Jay Leno show. He downplayed the threat of terrorism, he falsely claimed that Putin once ran the KGB, he placed the Atlantic coast port cities of Savannah, Charleston, and Jacksonville on the Gulf of Mexico, and confusing the Winter Olympics with the Summer Olympics. Can you imagine what the liberal media would've done to Bush if made those gaffes?
Yes, Mort, he should SHUT UP!