Sunday, August 11, 2013

Justice not served for some

The President's comments and those from other government officials,
fueled tensions and exacerbated the very delicate tragedy involving
Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

Not allowing character as evidence of Trayvon Martin was a politically
purposeful ploy of mis-portrayal by the state, and further complicating
the situation can be attributed to the Media for selling a false image of
Trayvon as a small, innocent choir boy for public consumption.

If it would have been another black teenager instead of Trayvon, you
can bet he would be one of the mischievous protesters, rumbling through
the streets, because it is in the mind set of too many black youths who
have been brainwashed into victimization by the Al Sharptons, Jessie
Jacksons, black caucus, and super liberal do gooders, who teach them
to carry a chip on their shoulder. Instead of exerting all their political
energy on this one single unfortunate incident, their efforts would be
better served focused on their dirty laundry they neglect in Chicago and

What George Zimmerman is guilty of is bad judgment, igniting a situation
that provoked the confrontation by this so called child of larger stature;
juiced up by the rhetoric of those mentioned above; reaching out with
violence instead of logic. The disproportionate development between brain
and muscle.

Each of us has a different degree of tolerance and when you are being
beaten up, it may be too late to wait and see where it's going, before
taking action.

Watching Fox News is a no no for the single minded liberal, so even
thinking of tuning in to Sean Hannity is treasonable, but on occasion he
features a forum of prominent citizens of color that is refreshing to

They are a group who do not consider themselves victims of society,
or deprived of opportunity. It shoots down the bigotry of white trash
superiority and ignorant blacks who label them Uncle Toms, because they
dare to blend into what America is about, with no excuses.

Young black men and women should expose themselves to their example
and try to emulate them instead of the pampered celebrities, athletes and
political advocates who want to keep America divided for personal gain.
For what purpose does it serve to prolong the false premise that it was
all racially motivated?

Conservative article from George Giftos

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Donald Wirth said...

Did you see that Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade posed with his to sons on the cover of a magazine saying "We are Trayvon"? Is he kidding? Does he want his two sons to emulate Trayvon, that pot smoking, "Lean" drinking criminal wanna-be, who was suspended from school twice, once with stolen jewelry items and burglary tools, and who had a chip on his shoulder which culminated in his death by a "creepy-ass cracka", named George Zimmerman. Stick to basketball Wade and bring up your sons not to emulate Trayvon Martin. May he R.I.P.

Defund Obamacare said...

When Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman & started beating his head into the ground, that was okay. But when Zimmerman shot Martin in self defense, then suddenly the racist obama voters wanted to make a scene. The vile MSM never talked about all the attacks on whites by blacks after the Trayvon shooting. Even though Zimmerman was Mexican, the obama voters attacked Whites?