Monday, July 22, 2013

MORT’s meanderings

We were clearly warned, 237 years ago.
A number of the Founding Fathers who had a direct hand in writing The Constitution, expressed at that time, their reservations and concerns about the propensity for humans to act corruptly as they jump at opportunities to pander to their own selfish interests.  
That gathering of patriots from the thirteen Colonies, had the foresight and the collective genius to create this most sacred document.  It is their concept that they conceived, considered, debated and agreed to -  hand-inscribed on a piece of parchment -  that has successfully guided the  leaders of our nation since that tumultuous time.  Those patriots were exceedingly wise men. They knew human nature and they were prescient in their concerns.
Sadly for our nation, as this is written - greed, stupidity & self-indulgent behavior en masse seem to have become the order of the day.  Unabashed avarice appears to have gained the upper hand over the so-called, ‘better angels’ of men.  ‘Something-for-nothing’ now trumps entrepreneurship.  ‘An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay’ has become a laughable creed to deride and snicker about.
The question is, ‘How to overcome this seemingly insurmountable majority of people who are  committed to immorally voting themselves more and more goodies – that are of course, paid for by somebody else?’
Silly me, I’m placing my faith in divine intervention by that same Creator to whom George Washington prayed on that freezing night in 1776, as he was preparing his rag-tag army to cross the ice-choked Delaware River and take the enemy by surprise.  I pray for a reincarnation of that American icon. We desperately need someone who has the wisdom and the fortitude to lead this nation back into some semblance of its former sanity.   We need a man of Washington-like character.
Is this one small miracle too much to ask?

MORT KUFF  © 7-19-2013

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Jim Farino said...

Our esteemed "Liar in Chief" said on Friday that 35 years ago he could've been Trayvon. Was he referring to his drug taking and pot smoking?

Anonymous said...

Also to Obama; where is your Speech For a Baby Shot In The Face By Black Teens?

calvin said...

This article will not go over well with the Trayvon rioters. They were preaching last week that George Washington had many slaves and was a rapist? That is what is taught in public schools? The Washingtons and even the Reagans are seen as radical to the majority of low information voters.