Sunday, July 14, 2013

3 Monkey Defense and Religious Insanity

We learned about the extravagant conferences and seminars in fun spots and
exotic venues, held by various departments in the Obama administration from
listening to the congressional hearings. The latest being the IRS indiscretions
and scandalous biased procedures, handling conservative tax status applications.
One wonders if these sessions involve marching orders to maintain job security,
by keeping everyone in step with the Obama agenda, democratic talking points
and lessons on how to stonewall congressional committees.

There are five points of contention still unanswered in each of the scandals,
with others yet undiscovered in queue.....What, When, Who, Why and How?

Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, the DOJ's James Rosen/AP's false accusations
and first amendment violations all have a similar ring....the Three Monkey
Defense ....."I see nothing, I hear nothing, I say nothing!" Followed by the,
in your face middle digit response.

This is not a grass roots arrogance, but a well orchestrated and organized plot
from the top!

The administration under the direction of President Barack Obama, is running
our country like it is theirs, and Eric Holder's DOJ is another,
"Bad Day at Black Rock!" So, to get to the bottom of all of this, you
have to start seeing at it from the top!

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Religious Insanity

Islam is not a legitimate religion. It should be equated to insanity or an
oppresive, tyrannical form of a system of rule.

It promises virgins in paradise as payment for heinous acts. It delegates
women be in servitude, to pleasure the urges and needs of their husbands,
who are allowed as many as four poor souls to fulfill the chauvinistic egos
of stupid, ignorant poor excuses for men. It endorses honor killings if their
egos are bruised. It encourages these backward thinking followers of radical
Islam, to sacrifice their hapless sons to be human bombs, and brainwashes
them into thinking it is of great honor to give the life of their child
for Allah.

It would be a preferable fate for their little girls who have been promised to
dirty old men from birth, in marriage. The insanity of this so called religion
is proven when their Imams and Mullahs hide from danger, but teach their
congregations to go out and blow themselves up for the glory of their god,
because it will please him.

There is only one God, and He or She is not the Muslim image radical
sharia jihadists follow, whom they say demands the destruction of anyone
 not accepting their interpretation of who God is.

The senseless murder of Lee Rigby, of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers on a
street in London cannot be called a rational act.

Here in the states, we share these tragedies befalling nations infested with
Islamic ghettos; but our president refuses to label them acts of terrorism.
Suspect for cause of this omission may be due to his Muslim heritage.

Conservative articles from George Giftos

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Lupe said...

It always amazes me how so many Women will not say a word about Honor Killings. Yet many of these Liberal (and/or Cowards) Women think that if you are being beaten by a Thug that you should not defend yourself especially with a gun.

Lou Plante said...

As our former great Cong. Allen West once defined Islam, he called it a "Theocratic political ideology" not a pure religion. It was founded by one man who was less than honorable who called himself the Messiah (Allah), a self-appointed designation. This is what 1.5 billion people believe in?
That's why we have a problem as the followers are still living in the 8th Century.