Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Rush to Judgment!

I followed with intense interest, the Martin/Zimmerman case/trial and was eerily reminded that a ”Rush to Judgment” was the prime mover in bringing this case to trial. It became a political case not a judicial case, ever since the “racial hustlers” arrived in Sanford, Florida on their “black horses” to stir the pot of racial turmoil.

The State of Florida got seduced by these racial agitators out of fear of racial riots, unrest and property destruction. They caved in like a cheap camera and charged George Zimmerman with 2nd degree murder when the facts uncovered by the Sanford Police Dep’t. and the local district attorney, didn’t warrant an arrest. There was a lack of evidence from the git-go, but the “wusses” in charge of the state prosecutors office didn’t listen or they listened to the wrong people. The head state prosecutor, Angela Corey was the main culprit in bringing this case to fruition. Her two stooges, state attorney’s, De La Rionda and Guy, carried the water for her misguided attempt at justice. Their whole case was based on emotion and not facts, and the jury ruled in favor of the defense. Thank God!

The “poverty pimps” look for anything they can exploit racially to benefit themselves as “self-elected” black leaders. Look at some of the other “rush to judgment” cases that also had racial overtones. Remember the Tawana Brawley fiasco, the Yakel Rosenbaum killing in Brooklyn, the Duke lacrosse case in No. Carolina, and now the Zimmerman trial? What’s the one thing that was present in all these cases - yep, you got it right - the “Rev.” Al Sharpton was in the middle of all these proceedings preaching “white racism”. His partner in crime, Jesse Jackson, was also involved in stirring the pot of racial animosity among the black community and guilt-ridden white liberals.

The NAACP, now is petitioning our “racist” Attorney General, Eric Holder, to open a probe of George Zimmerman by using the federal government instead of the state government, as the vehicle to try to continue the “lynching” of George Zimmerman. It seems they can’t accept the will of the jury, that heard all the evidence, and found George Zimmerman NOT GUILTY for the killing of Trayvon Martin.

The case brought by the state prosecutors was very weak and the jury ruled that there was insufficient evidence to convict George Zimmerman of either 2nd degree murder or the lesser charge of manslaughter (a charge thrown in at the end to try to salvage the prosecutions case). Most legal observers agreed with the jury’s verdict. Unless the feds are pressured by these self-serving “civil rights” organizations and racist preachers, to bring charges in federal court, how do they expect to change the facts of this case? The facts are the facts and no amount of spin or obfuscation by the “racial arsonists” can change them. It would be a case of monumental vindictiveness by the feds to put George Zimmerman and his family through another gut wrenching trial.

This was a case of “rush to judgment” gone completely wacky by emotions rather than by logic, with complicity of the immoral main stream media who convicted Zimmerman before any testimony or evidence was presented in a court of law. Thank God that the jury upheld the law, in spite of others who wanted to undermine our judicial system.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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PattersonMansion said...

The violence and the attacks should be seen as the responsibility of BHO and Holder. Obama is the worst president we have had. He must be a Muslim Marxist and he supports the most radical people at every turn.

sara said...

TRAYvon Martin was the only one doing any profiling. Trayvon told his racist girlfriend that he was being followed by a creepy cracker. Also the racist regime wanted a different verdict based on skin color not on facts.

Ed Marberry said...

There is a legal truth that says that if you have the truth on your side you argue the facts, but if you don't, you use emotion in place of the facts. That's exactly what the prosecution used to try and "railroad" Zimmerman. Shame on Angela Corey and her henchmen, De la Rionda and Guy, they gave our legal system a "black eye" (no pun intended).

Bob Phillips said...

One fact that most everyone seems to overlook is that no one, not even George Zimmerman, was keeping Trayvon from going back to the house he was staying at. According to his friend Jeantel, he was right by his house, but for some reason he decided to go back to confront Zimmerman, that "creepy-ass cracka" and give him an "ass whuppin". Well, he picked on the wrong person, a person with a legal gun and, as a result, he basically committed "suicide by Zimmerman" (a take-off on the phrase "suicide by cop").