Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Don’t Know Nuttin!

That was the phrase that was used by many Mafia thugs when they were questioned by authorities about their criminal activities. Well, it seems like the Obama Chicago thugs have adopted that phrase when they are questioned by the various Congressional committees. Some have called these tactics “selective amnesia” - could it be they have something to hide? Nah, according to our “Liar in Chief”, remember when he said he was going to have the most honest and transparent administration in history - well, how has that turned out?

What is so frustrating to the average American (not the Obama Zombie supporters), is that these government servants with the memory problems, are working for us, the taxpayers. Shouldn’t we expect that our tax money be spent on having competent people work for us?

Go on down the list. Starting with our “Liar in Chief”, Barack Hussein Obama, who claims that he doesn’t know who, what, when, or where, about anything that happens under his watch. He claims that he finds out things reading the newspapers or by watching T.V. Is he a lowly clerk in the White House or is he the President of the U.S.? He’s leading from behind all right.

Then we have our now former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who stated that she knew nothing about the lack of security in Libya and didn’t know the details about the attack on our compound in Benghazi where Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were killed, except that it was a video that caused it. Well, by the way, it tuned out that the video had nothing to do with this pre-planned attack, it was a false statement. And, this woman wants to be our next President?

Then we get to the IRS scandal, where Lois Lerner, head of the IRS tax-exempt division, who instead of testifying about what she knew about the targeting of Conservative and religious groups applying for tax-exempt status, took the 5th Amendment about self-incrimination and refused to testify. As a result, she was suspended with full pay and benefits. Couldn’t that be called a paid vacation? Why doesn’t the President call for her resignation?

I almost forgot, but didn’t Attorney General Eric Holder claim in the Fast & Furious scandal that he didn’t know about anything important about the gun running operation with the Mexican drug cartels even though he is the Attorney General? And, just recently he claimed that he knew nothing about the Justice Dep’t. targeting of Fox News reporter, James Rosen, for a possible felony for reporting classified information. It was later revealed that he had signed off on it personally. Maybe it was Eric Holder who should’ve been charged with a felony, for perjury, not James Rosen?

All in all, the “selective memory” lapses, all seem to be orchestrated attempts to thwart the legitimate oversight investigations of Congress, which quite obviously, might embarrass the Obama Administration. It seems like Obama and his Chicago thugs have their fingerprints all over these scandals, and why not, that’s how they operate in the corrupt City of Chicago from whence he came and where he was tutored by the Chicago political machine.

Other than that, “I Don’t Know Nuttin”.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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John Volpe said...

Can't our "Raghead in Chief" remember what he has said on previous occasions? He is constantly campaigning and regurgitating the same meaningless platitudes that is his stock in trade on the campaign trail. He doesn't practice what he preaches, but I guess if you are trying to appeal to the "low information" voters (which is most of the Democratic Party) you'll say or do anything that might sound good to his Obama Zombies. He really "Don't Know Nuttin".