Thursday, May 24, 2012

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The myth of the I.U. device

The time has long since passed when we needed to expose the myth of the I.U. device. That frequently touted but amorphous 20% of voters who decide elections and are supposedly ‘Independents’ or ‘Undecideds’ is I believe, a totally concocted category.

Insofar as the presidential election of 2012 is concerned, it is (no pun intended) clearly, a black & white issue. It is a no-brainer. We have on the one hand, and ideologically warped disaster of a president with an army of America-haters determined to implement the destruction of our nation for their own nefarious purposes.

We have on the other hand, a rag-tag gaggle of Conservatives, Republicans old & new, Rhinos, and riled-up citizens from all across the nation – formed into Tea Parties, who want to wrest back control of the Fed and return some semblance of sanity to the District of Columbia.

Many who advertise themselves as, ‘Undecided’ are in reality, posturing as ‘evolving’ intellectuals who are waiting for someone to convince them that yet another Messiah is just now descending from the Heavens and is about to light in their midst. These people are a waste of time; they are as useless as tits on a bull; I don’t believe them for a New York minute. How could anyone with a pulse still be undecided about which way this nation is heading and who is leading us off the cliff?

Okay, we admit that the mass media, once revered and feared as the all-powerful fourth estate is now in the tank for Obama. Go figure. So, Mr. & Mrs. I. U. are deprived of honest and fully-reported facts. And one thing for sure, the numbers being thrown about by political pollsters and Government agencies all suffer from just a wee tad of inaccuracy. Nether group is renowned for the accuracy of their calculations.

So, where do the ‘Independent’ and the ‘Undecided’ look in order to become educated about the issues and the candidates? Good question. ‘What we have heeyuh, is a failure to communicate.’ When it comes to factual information, we are faced with a deep chasm filled to the brim with one helluva lot of void.

I’m guessing we’re gonna be obliged to look each of the two candidates in the eye and try to divine which one means what he says. Only one of them subscribes to the Shariah practice of ‘taqiyya’, that noble technique of radical Islam that commands its followers to say and do anything necessary in order to advance the lunatic effort to establish an Islamic Caliphate that will rule the entire world. The announced plan is to first, blow Israel off the face of the globe then, establish Shariah compliance in Great Britain and following that, do precisely the same thing here in the United States.

Hello out there! Are you still independent and undecided? Are you just a bit confused? Well, let’s see if we can bring this confusion to a reasonable conclusion.

During the 2008 presidential election, while ‘We the People’ were being fornicated by a second coming of an articulate Messiah, promising ‘Hope & Change’ – the I. U. device failed and as a result, we wound up with this bastard in the White House.

Did I get that right?


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Fritz Ackley said...

Obama has his head so firmly planted up his butt, it's unlikely he'll ever have another point of view. How can intelligent people, after looking around them, come to the conclusion that this fraud in the White House deserves four more years? How can they be independent and undecided when our country is heading toward becoming another Greece?