Thursday, May 10, 2012

“I Gave The Order”

Yes, President Obama – you gave the order that represented final approval to initiate the highly-secret operation to, ‘Get Bin Laden’.

Any sitting President would have done the same thing – any President. You had no part in the planning of the operation, which makes sense since that is well below your pay grade as Commander-in-Chief. Aside from that, you’ve had absolutely no practical experience in military matters. The only risk you took personally with regard to this operation was, the slight potential for some political downside in the event of a failed action. However, with the Navy Seal Team always guaranteed to perform as they are trained to do – that risk was minimal.

You’ve never taken the oath as a member of any branch of our Armed Forces. You’ve never been through basic training. Furthermore, with your parental lineage, country of origin and the circumstances surrounding your birth still in question and uncertified, you could never qualify for even the most basic Security Clearance as a member of our military. But weirdly, none of this seems to matter since you are the duly-elected President of the United States – and Heaven help us, the Commander-in-Chief of our military services.

What sticks in my craw and I’m guessing, sticks in the craw of our all-volunteer, active Armed Forces and their families – and most particularly the families of our wounded and deceased veterans, is what you did following the successful operation. First, was your unbelievable stupidity in exposing the individuals who were involved in ‘getting Bin Laden. You rewarded their extraordinary courage and legendary military skills by blowing their cover and rendering them vulnerable to attacks on themselves and their families. In my book – in anybody’s book - that was an act of high treason.

And in what has become one of your more obvious character traits, you added insult to injury by trumpeting this successful military operation as if it were in large part, due to your own tactical brilliance. In actuality Barack old boy, all you did which was what any President would have done, you ‘gave the order’. Well, Golly Gee – how brave of you!

And now, you’ve compromised our national security in the most profound way possible. You’ve opened the door and welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood into the most sensitive agencies and operations in our Federal Government.

Way to go, Mr. Prez. When the blood-thirsty demons of Sharia-Islam are actually ravaging every aspect of our traditional freedoms and savaging every aspect of our form of government – you’ll be able to say with pin-point accuracy, “I gave the order.”

Conservative commentary by MORT KUFF © 5-8-2012

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Miami Insurance said...

OBAMA'S own words in 2008: "Navy Seal Team 6 is Cheney's private assassination team."