Thursday, May 17, 2012

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Same-sex marriage.

Wow. What a relief. We’ve finally learned what Obama’s multi-year arduous, tortuous ‘evolvement’ hath wrought: The ‘Thoughtful One’ has shared his personal feelings regarding same-sex marriage. And, it’s okay by him.

He courageously admitted that this is a ‘states’ issue so thankfully, he doesn’t have to make any official decisions about it. People don’t realize just how hard it is to make decisions when one is President. Naturally, as one might have guessed, George W. Bush didn’t tell him how tough that part of the job would be. Y’see, only the really tough decisions reach the Oval Office and land on the President’s desk. All the easy stuff is handled by ‘others’ and only the toughest decisions are left for the Prez to decide.

For example, giving a 1.5 billion to the Muslim Brotherhood - - - piece of cake. Deciding to hire the Chinese to manufacture, deliver and install monstrously expensive bridges here in the U.S. - - the decision practically made itself. Sending a couple hundred million to Brazil to help them drill for oil and promising to buy that oil as soon as they dig it up - - no strain, no pain. Let’s do it.

But, giving the okay to ‘get Bin Laden’ – or - deciding about same-sex marriage? These are tough decisions. Regarding the ‘marriage thing’, he had it right years ago but, being the ‘thoughtful one’, he wanted to make certain that the stars were in alignment, the political landscape was favorable, the timing was right – and there were others to blame if his decision didn’t work out well. So, when all these elements fell into place precisely one day after Joe Biden said the wrong thing during an interview that was being recorded – Obama courageously, issued his well masticated decision. It worked out perfectly, just as planned by the ‘Thoughtful One’ - .and a slavish media.

What few people realized as they listened to the President’s haltingly-articulated explanation of his momentous decision, was the part his astonishing grasp of ancient history and Middle Eastern lore had played in the formulation of his brilliant ‘Same-sex’ decision.

Harking back to his early education in Muslim doctrine regarding the morays of human sexual behavior and the unique practices regarding animal husbandry, he recalled the widely-accepted ‘One Man; One Goat’ rule of thumb. From there, it was a brief, logical step to the, ‘Same-sex’ marriage stance. One Man; One Man. One what-ever to another what-ever. Not all that complicated. Just a part of Obama’s Master Plan.

Don’t let anyone kid you though, Presidential decisions are tough.

Conservative commentary by MORT KUFF

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John Schaefer said...

This pronouncement by Obama regarding same-sex marriage just goes to prove that this fraud in the White House has no core values. Since 1996, he's had about 5 conversions on this very topic. He swore before the country in 2008 when Rev. Rick Warren asked about what he considered marriage, he answered that marriage was between one man and one woman. He now has "evolved" (another term for flip-flop) and he now favors same sex marriage. I guess his Christian belief wasn't heartfelt in 2008 like he said. I think he deserves "4 Pinnochio's" for his duplicity.