Thursday, May 3, 2012

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Mr. Nice Guy

The popular rap is that, while some people do not agree with his policies, people generally like Barack Hussein Obama personally, and think that he is a nice guy.

Oh really? Are the American people still so mesmerized by this cat that they willingly overlook his devious deceptions and his hypocritical statements and positions on everything from political opposition to his phony support for Israel? Not to mention his egregious lies whenever he makes reference to his achievements regarding the state of the economy.

This President has trumpeted his utter disdain for the Founding fathers, the Constitution, the other two co-equal branches of the Federal Government – and the free-enterprise system. He lives within his own bubble of failed Socialist ideology and is blind to the outside world, the real world.

Whether or not he is actually ignorant of American history, it is painfully obvious to all, that he is totally dismissive of the lessons learned by generations of Americans.

It doesn’t take a professionally-trained psychiatrist to recognize that our boy Barack is a classic case of Narcissism-gone-wild. We are dealing with a person who is totally immersed in his ego-centric issues, to the exclusion of all other considerations. Issues regarding the condition of our citizenry, the state of our economy or the precarious state of our national security, are unimportant to him. Oh, he will pay lip service to these issues and speak of them in platitudes - but, he really could care less.

He is unwilling to entertain even the possibility that the vast majority of our citizens feel that what he is doing in terms of his regulatory policies and aggressive taxation, has the effect of stifling entrepreneurship. He has turned a deaf ear to strongly-expressed opposing viewpoints from every sector of our society. His arrogance is unprecedented in Presidential history.

He is committed to his unbridled drive toward achieving total and complete control over every aspect of the lives and fortunes of all Americans. Mr. Nice Guy to the contrary, we will not let that happen. Remember Americans – If Mr. Nice Guy wins – WE LOSE!

Conservative commentary by MORT KUFF

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1 comment:

Bob Leahy said...

What the Obamamaniacs lack in intelligence, they make up for in ignorance. As Chuck once said, "You can't polish horse manure".