Thursday, April 5, 2012

Don't Move the Rock, There are Snakes Under It

The liberal machine is at work trying to make Republicans
and Conservatives appear heartless and out of the loop.
The Fluke fiasco which her backers claim wrongfully, people
with moral fiber hate women. Also, because they are against the
mandate for another free entitlement.

The argument has nothing to do with women's health or rights
and everything to do with separation of church from state.
As long as it's a liberal cause, it's OK with the ACLU!

In the few cases where health might be involved, contraception
products are readily available, free or at minimal cost.
It was disgusting to witness our President phone his Obamacare
shill, immediately after her put up appearance before Congress,
to praise this over sexed law student, Sandra Fluke for her
testimony and adding, how proud he'd be if his own daughters
emulated her.

The latest one to join this chorus of misguided feminists is
Hillary Clinton, appearing very matronly these days, with
the austere lib look. Real women avoid being associated with
feminist causes that reek with hypocrisies.

The so called liberated woman professes, it's her body and she
knows best how to care for it! Have you been in a Walmart lately?

I rest my case!

Conservative Commentary by George Giftos

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Florida said...

This Fluke was a plant as we all know by now. Leftists think Rush was too hard on her because she was practically begging to have US pay for her to have loads of sex. Can you imagine if that was a 30 year old male asking us to pay for his birth control?

Grace Heller said...

The Democrats talk a good ballgame when it comes to women, but in practice many are seriel woman abusers. Look at the actions of Bill Clinton, Elliot Spitzer, Al Gore, and John Edwards. Who in addition to be woman abusers were also seriel liars, and they have the nerve to preach to others when it comes to issues affectintg women. What a bunch of hypocrites.