Thursday, April 12, 2012

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Those unelected people?

In his latest outrageous attack on one of the three ‘equal’ branches of the Federal Government, the Supreme Court, Obama referred to the nine Justices as ‘those unelected people’.

Now, I ask you - - ‘Where in the pluperfect hell does this Chicago street thug get off, characterizing these nine Supreme Court Justices, two of whom he nominated as, ‘those unelected people’? Has any president ever been so derogatory about the sitting Justices on the Supreme Court bench? Even FDR, who was frustrated by the Court and tried unsuccessfully to pack it with more of his enabling cronies, was never so disrespectful to the Judicial Branch of the Federal Government.

I wonder how Obama, the alleged Constitution ‘professor’, would characterize those 32 (latest count) Obama-appointed Czars who are unelected and therefore, unaccountable to either the Congress or the American people? Would he refer to them as ‘those unelected people’? Or, are they somehow – different?

Then, there’s the Chairman of the Federal Reserve – he is an appointed ‘official’. Would he be one of ‘those unelected people’ also? And, how about sweety-cakes Janet Napolitano - - is she another of ‘those unelected people’? And, the ever-lovin’ Attorney General Eric Holder – does he qualify as one of ‘those unelected people’?

Does all this hypocrisy make you as sick to your stomach as it makes me?

If the Street-Thug-in-Chief blatantly shows this lack of respect for the other two branches of the Federal Government – before he is re-elected (throw-up), one can just imagine how much farther he will go when all restraints are off. And, he feels free to do and say and implement whatever nefarious whims he has been holding behind his back.

It makes my skin crawl to think that there is a possibility that there are enough people in this country – legal and illegal – who could vote this raging narcissist in for another term. That would of course, sound the death knell for the freedoms and way of life that we’ve known in the United States of America, since its founding in 1776.

Four more years? I don’t think so. If Obama wins; we lose!

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2012

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1 comment:

Franklin Rose said...

I heard a saying once that went something like this, "When citizens can vote themselves to get something for nothing from the federal treasury, that will be the start of the decline of our democratic republic". That's the tactic that Oblunder is trying to do as he seeks re-election, it is a form of bribery and is despicable.