Monday, April 23, 2012

President Obama's Radical Agenda

Those who wonder about President Obama’s agenda should he win a second term, have gotten tips from his recent behavior; he will do all he can to discredit The Supreme Court, and will use Federal agencies to enact his policies so as to circumvent his legislative failures in congress. The model for Obama 2.0 is FDR, who attacked the structure and composition of his Court, and created an alphabet soup of administrative agencies that diminished congress and created regulations and a burdensome bureaucracy which still engorge Washington D.C. today.

Last year, at his State of The Union address, The President, in a classless fit, lashed out at The Justices in attendance for their participation in the “Citizens United” case which extended free speech to corporate campaign contributions, a decision he opposed because it challenged the primacy of his union backers. This very public rebuke of The Court was both a reprimand and a warning. Last week Mr. Obama again warned the court to not overextend their “unelected” authority by overthrowing “Obamacare”, his legislative crown jewel.

The best example of Obama’s administrative usurpations was his use of The EPA to enact through fiat his “cap and trade” bill which was soundly defeated in congress. It is easy to project further Obama dictates not enacted by congress in a second term, the cure for which would entail law suits that would wend their way to The Supreme Court costing us years of gridlock, unwanted legislative implementations and great expense to unwind, a replay of the years when several of FDR’s new agencies were unwound.

As a candidate in 2008 then-Senator Obama promised, if elected, to fundamentally change America. He is doing that by circumventing congress and trying to radicalize The Supreme Court, a legacy that would deconstruct the balance between our 3 legs of government in negative ways most cannot conceive. The remarkable arrogance in Obama’s cause should sound warnings to alert citizens that the America he sees is not the America The Founders promoted. Too few foresaw in 2008 that for a President Obama creating Moscow on The Potomac was his unspoken dream.

Conservative commentary by Richard Klitzberg
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Thomas Grimm said...

Great column Richard Klitzberg. Remember "Hope and Change" during the 2008 campaign, well "Hope and Change" has now become "Blame and Shame" by our faux President, Barack Hussein Obama. In Obama's world, there's always somebody whose greed is the problem, not his own.