Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Fools in high places.

My only qualification for inclusion in that fast-disappearing segment of our population known as, ‘The Greatest Generation’, is the number of rings in my tree trunk. I did nothing brave or outstanding while serving in uniform but, like all the others, I went where I was sent and did what I was ordered to do. If that had meant marching into harm’s way, I most certainly would have done it without hesitation.

I think I can speak for 99.99% of the men and women who served then and those who serve now in the U.S. Military, when I say that after enduring basic training, followed by specialized training in one’s MO – and becoming acutely aware of the mission of our armed forces in this troubled world - our military men and women have no illusions about the enemies we face.

Why is it then, I ask myself, that so many of our civilian policy-makers in positions of leadership in the Federal Government are so stupid, so stubborn, such wimps, such cowards and frankly, such fatuous fools in high places? Is this really the best we can do?

My gripe today, is specifically focused on those people who tremble in their boots because some of our soldiers have displayed the bad taste to pose for unseemly photos – or cavort in front of video cameras as they do what soldiers have done for centuries - - engage in inappropriate ribaldry and make obscene gestures to poke fun at and hurl insult to their enemies.

My purpose is not to condone or excuse such behavior. Rather, my purpose is to earnestly endeavor to educate those in policy-making positions – especially those who have never worn the uniform or had to face enemy fire, in the exquisite science of facing reality.

For Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to express the currently popular but entirely false canard that such inappropriate behavior by our troops, will cause the blood-thirsty heathens of radical Hamas or the Taliban or the lunatic followers of Sharia Islam to become even more maniacal toward any unfortunate Americans they might capture – is utterly stupid. The enemies we are facing in the Middle East have been at their despicable work since the seventh century and have honed their hatred to white hot.

No actions on the part of our military can cause these enemies to be any more or any less cruel and vicious than they already are. They are brought up from the womb, to hate and make violence against all whom they consider to be infidels or who are somehow deemed in their warped psyches, to be unfit or unworthy.

To add insult to the colossal stupidity and impracticality of this administration’s Rules of Engagement, this inexperienced, inept and horrendously arrogant President and his enablers are engaged in hobbling our military - by purposely abandoning sound military practices in favor of pandering to the enemy. They do this by imposing nonsensical restrictions on our armed forces through the use of Obama’s tool of choice - his ‘failed-every-time-it-has-been-tried’ socialistic ideology.

Barack Obama is a coward. All his life, he has hated our traditional allies, inheriting this hatred from his father who despised them as ‘colonists’. And now as President, he is in a position to sever relations with those same allies – and that is exactly what he has done. Further to the detriment of our nation’s security, he has asserted the Muslim upbringing that is at his core by cozying-up to the Middle-East Arabs and Muslims and more recently, by recognizing and welcoming to the White House, the freedom-hating Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. Obama hates who we are as Americans. He believes as do Muslims everywhere, that the freedoms we enjoy have corrupted us as a people. However weird that belief is, it is his guiding star and if re-elected to the presidency, it will assuredly lead to our demise as the last bastion of freedom on this troubled globe.

Since assuming the presidency, he has steadily separated us from our Democratic allies and has subordinated us to despotic regimes whose sole objective it is to establish Shariah-compliant Islam as the dominant way of life throughout the world.

This President has foisted his brand of moral cowardice onto compliant civilian appointees at the State Department and at the Department of Defense. Sad to say, he has imposed this pathetic character trait onto some generals and admirals at the highest level of command. These men have sworn an oath of allegiance to follow orders from their Commander-in-Chief. In my view, this President has betrayed our trust by demanding treason from both our civilian and our military leaders.

Is there anyone among us who is still so naïve as to believe that such pandering to the enemies we face in the radical, blood-thirsty hordes of Islam – will deter them from pursuance of their violence against our soldiers if given the opportunity? Isn’t it obvious to all who will engage in reality, that it doesn’t matter to these lunatics what we do? They will continue their violence regardless of how we chastise and prosecute our own service men and women for perceived ‘offenses’ against the enemy. And, when we do this to ‘our best and finest’, we destroy the morale of ‘our best and finest’. Is that really how to support our all-voluntary armed forces? This plays directly into the hands of our enemies; this is the path being followed by President Barack Hussein Obama.

Now, do you know what I meant by the title on this piece, “Fools in high places”? Got it, folks? Four more years of this lunacy? I don’t think so.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2012
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James Nelson said...

What more proof do we need to show the perfidy of our "Liar in Chief", Barack Hussein Obama, than his whispered colloquy with Russian President Medvedev saying that when he gets re-elected he will be more flexible with the Russians. Who else is going to be more flexible with, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas etc.? This pretender to the throne must be voted out Nov. 6 or we'll become another second-rate country just like some of the countries of Europe.