Thursday, February 9, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

Gov’t stats under Obama:

Whole cloth, thin air and cooked books.

This President who by his own admission makes mistakes every day and according to his own self-assessment repeated ad nauseam, learns to be a better president every day (*sigh*), liberally sprinkles his pronouncements of self-aggrandizement with what he blithely cites as ‘official government statistics’. The figures we see flash across the TV screen are cut from whole cloth, pulled out of thin air and are the result of cooked books. To quote Rush Limbaugh: “Don’t doubt me.”

Who among us, accepts that such government smoke-mirrors & tortured numerology put out by agencies of this administration - the figures that are swallowed hook, line & sinker by watchers of MSNBC and CNN and the NYTimes and Tribune papers – have any validity, whatever?

That is, except for a majority of the umbilical cord Democrats; millions of entitlement recipients; recipients of George Soros’ largess; truly gullible believers in ‘Hope & Change’ - racist folks of color who proudly emblazon their cars with Obama logos and bumper stickers; radical Muslims who follow the tenets of Sharia; Shia Islamists insurgents; Union thugs; Communists; Socialists; Marxists; Al Jazeera; Administration lackeys and the ever-growing army of Obama- appointed Czars; the Democrat leadership in the Congress and the careless, clueless people in our midst who figure that somehow, someway – things will work themselves out if we’ll all just vote Democrat. In other words, Obama’s core base.

Other than the above-mentioned, who believes the things Obama says or any of the government stats he quotes?

Four more years of ‘Hope & Change’ and ‘learning on the job while our nation is being plundered, emasculated and brought to its knees? I don’t think so.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2012

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Anonymous said...

If B.S. was music, Obama would be an orchestra. His vebosity is exceeded only by his stupidity.

C. M. Collins said...

America can't afford four more years of BO.