Monday, February 27, 2012

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The Trio of #1 threats to our national security.

I am very, very concerned about the number one threat to our national security – the encroachment of the deadly stealth enemy of the United States. That threat is violent ‘Shariah Islam’. Shariah is best defined in the book titled:

“Shariah – the threat to America” ( a report of Team B11 – Get it and read it):

“The enemy adheres to an all-encompassing Islamic political-military-legal doctrine known as shariah. Shariah obliges them to engage in jihad to achieve the triumph of Islam worldwide through the establishment of a global Islamic State governed exclusively by shariah, under a restored caliphate.”

This sworn enemy of all ‘infidels’ by which it means, anyone and everyone who has not succumbed and submitted to the totality of the shariah-compliant laws that govern every aspect of the Islamic way of life – is commanded by tenets of sharih law, to do violence including murder, to those whom they consider, ‘infidels’. This is the kind of off-charts insanity we are faced with when we confront this rapidly metastasizing cancer.

Islam uses outright lies, deception, bribery, intimidation and violence to achieve its objectives. These tactics have proved effective in enabling their progress toward infiltrating and therefore, influencing all aspects of America daily lives. Islam is quickly becoming an increasingly influential force in the control and conduct of all our governmental, military and civilian institutions. And seemingly, we are totally deaf, dumb and blind to what is happening around us. Are we all wearing blinders, or what?

Number two in this triumvirate of aberrant anomalies that comprise the #1 threat to our national security – is the current President, his entire administration and the Democrat majority leadership in the Senate and the Democrat minority leadership in the House of Representatives. Plus, the two most recent Jurists to sit on the Supreme Court. This conglomerate of corrupt ideologues centered in Washington, DC, believes that the major impediment to achieving their objective of affecting a total transformation of the basic structure of our Government, is the Constitution of the United States.

They openly acknowledge their disdain of this unique document that was created by the genius of the Founding Fathers of this nation. Despite the audacity of mounting such a challenge to the basic principles upon which this nation was founded, they continue a reckless, relentless pursuit of their nefarious objective. They choose to ignore, or circumvent or run roughshod over our Constitution, that most magnificent master plan that has served so well in governing this nation of free people, for more than two centuries since its founding.

The result is a tsunami of regulations, edicts, executive orders and an endless litany of what I believe to be unconstitutional mandates that are being jammed down the throats of our citizens. All, without the slightest regard for our traditional institutions, established legislative practices, historical precedent or the tyrannical trampling on our freedoms – freedoms that are guaranteed under The Constitution. We are being led toward a disastrous demise by this current President and his mindless minions and enablers.

Number three culprit in this trio of the #1 threats to our national security, is what is popularly referred to as, the Mainstream Media. This amalgam of TV & radio outlets plus, the mass print media (periodicals and newspapers) is slavishly beholden and embarrassingly subservient to Obama and this administration. And as such, they are complicit in enabling this president and his administration to achieve remarkable progress in the incremental destruction of our system of government. They do this by selectively reporting on significant events, by slanted coverage of the news, and by omitting or skewing vital facts that are integral to the news. This is by any measure, a dereliction of duty on behalf of the free press in the performance of their traditional role as monitors of elected government. That role calls for the ‘fourth estate’ (press/mass media) to delve into the actions of elected representatives, to seek out the truth and to report the entirety of their findings in a factual, unbiased manner.

Thanks to traditional TV networks plus satellite and cable technology, we now have the capability of viewing news broadcasts from around the globe, 24/7. The reality is that this massive flow of news is funneled through a relatively few news bureaus agencies, a large percentage of which are little more than propaganda outlets for governments or huge international conglomerates. Thus, much of the information (i.e.,news) that winds up on our TV tubes and in the print media, is highly filtered and dominated by strictly controlled, agenda-driven special-interest overlords.

A Johny-come-lately addition to the mélange of information is the burgeoning world of blogsites, a phenomenon that puts scant effort into vetting original sources or bothering to verify facts and figures. Thus, we have this flood of rumor, innuendo, inexpert opinion and quasi-information spewing onto our screens via the social networks and YouTube look alikes & sound alikes. Very little of this volume of Ethernet space junk is ever validated but, that doesn’t preclude it from being multi-plexed and booted along by insatiable e-mail forwarders. Of course this too, contributes to the overall chaos and adds a further threat to our national security.

And so, we come to the inevitable question used by so many people as an excuse for inaction: “What can I do about it?” The answer lies in an axiom taught by leaders in the military: “When you are caught in an ambush, DO SOMETHING!” Inaction in the face of the threats to our national security leads to certain defeat.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon each of us to become informed. We are obliged to do the uncomfortable. It is time to do the unthinkable.

This is the time to ‘educate ourselves’ to the #1 threat to our national security.

Get off your duff. Get involved and do something!

The very survival of our nation is at stake.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2012

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Grover Jones said...

The biggest threat we face today is the prospect that Obama gets 4 more years to screw up our economy even more than he has done so far. Never has a president had such an adverse effect upon the everyday lives of its citizens as this fraud we have in the White House. Instead of apologizing to the Afghans, Obama should be apologizing to us for the insane policies he has tried to shove down our throats.

Noel Brand said...

One of the biggest problems facing the Republican candidates is that they go on shows with Democrat partisan hosts who will question them trying to put them in a bad light. Picking and choosing the right venue is important for all Republican candidates otherwise they'll leave themselves open to getting involved in areas that they don't want to go. So Republicans, beware of wolves in sheep clothing especially on hostile broadcast stations.