Thursday, February 23, 2012

What is the “99%”?

It seems like the loony left have latched onto the figure of “99%”, a figure I'm sure they just picked our of thin air or out of their butts to make a ridiculous point in trying to give their left-leaning agenda some legitimacy that it ordinarily doesn't get.

You saw this bogus figure being used by the “Occupy Wall Street” mobs as they tried to gain validity by claiming that they were representing “99%” of the general public. In reality, it seems that instead of the “99%”, they were actually representing the “1%” of losers who were Marxist/Socialist anarchists, not the the “99%”. By the way, where did this “99%” figure come from? Who did the study to arrive at that figure? Just by observing these goofball, disheveled, anti-Semitic, and anti-capitalist “social disruptors”, you get the impression that most of these people are unemployed social misfits who, in some cases, are professional protesters, in other words, part of a “rent-a-mob”.

Another area where this bogus “99%” myth has taken hold is in the area of birth control. You keep hearing that “99%” of women (especially Catholic women) use birth control. I agree that many women use birth control, but how did they come to the figure of “99%”? This is another example of people with a political agenda using bogus statistics to justify their silly conclusions, in this case birth control. The idea behind using this figure is to say some fanatics (the “1%”) want to impose their religious values on the “99%” of the “enlightened” people (of which they claim they are part of).

The President put his foot into deep doo-doo, when he mandated that the Catholic Church provide birth control to its employees or clients. Whether you agree with the Catholic Church's position or not, the government should have no business in telling any church or church related organization to do something against the principles of their religion. His compromise of “ordering” insurance companies to provide the birth control “free”, is a flim-flam that is typical of the Obama administration's way of doing things. What insurance company, a profit-making organization, is going to give away “freebies” without being compensated? Any sane person will figure out that the insurance companies will charge the Catholic groups more in premiums to cover the “free” birth control they will be forced to provide. It was just a back door attempt to cover up a stupid decision on the part of Obama and his Health Secretary Sebelius.

So, when the liberals and left-wing lunatics (a/k/a Democrats) tell you that they represent the “99%” of the public, try not to laugh in their faces, as they really mean well, but their logic just seems out-of-whack with reality, which is a common liberal trait.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Walter Spellman said...

I think the "99%" are really the 100% of losers on the fringe of our society. They are supported by people and groups that do not have the best interests of the U.S. as their major goal. They include that big Democrat benefactor and former Nazi sympathizer, George Soros, that lefty union SEIU, the Communist Party USA and other far-left groups.
Remember,both Pelosi and Obama both praised this group of destructive misfits. It just goes to show you where their heads are at.

Anonymous said...

this is why all Americans, not just Catholics, need to get behind Santorum. How can we fight with a guy who still defends Romneycare? That is a large issue Santorum can fight Obama on.

Judith Markey said...

Santorum, although a nice guy, will get killed in a general election. There are just not enough "social consevatives voters" out there to give him a win. His nomination will guarantee 4 more years of Obama. The so-called "pure" Conservatives might just win the balltle, but will lose the war in the end. Heaven help us!

Anonymous said...

Romney??? He was left of Teddie Kennedy. read above article, we need a fighter against the left and Obamacare. santorum, maybe Newt is the guy.

Fort Lauderdale Insurance said...

The Looney Left think Obama cares for them? He vacations in lUXURY, while the OWS crowd live like bums!