Monday, February 20, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

With regard & disregard to OBAMACARE:

OBAMACARE, also known as the ‘Affordable Healthcare Act’, is an ill-conceived idea. I’ve always held that an ‘ill-conceived idea’, carried to its fullest potential and then implemented – is still an ill-conceived idea.

When this ill-conceived monstrosity was born as a 2000+ page bill, it had been written behind closed doors and introduced in the wee hours. Both houses of the Congress were sand-bagged by this President and his enabling Democrat majority leadership, to pass it immediately, before anyone could possibly have had the opportunity to read it. They managed to pull off this dastardly stunt.

That is not actually, how the Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution, envisioned that the Legislative Branch of the Federal Government would function.

OBAMACARE is a monstrosity that is fraught with snares, traps, loop-holes and legislative time bombs. It is so weasel-worded and open-ended that it is as welcoming to creative interpretation as is the vaunted Quoran.

In other words, it can mean anything and permit anything that future Legislators interpret it to mean or permit. That isn’t a law to make health care services available at affordable cost to the general public. It is rather, a legal (albeit, arguably unconstitutional) license to steal; commit murder, mayhem, and work unrestricted violence against our most sacred personal freedoms that are guaranteed under The Constitution. It is the ultimate power-grab by a president and administration that is committed to achieving complete and total control over every aspect of the lives of each and every American.

And, when that goal has been achieved, the plan is to blend us into the family of third world nations that have already succumbed to the Marxist ideology – a famously failed concept that has corrupted most of Europe and brought it to its knees.

As mentioned earlier,
An ill-conceived idea, carried to its full potential and then implemented – is still and ill-conceived idea.’

The effects of such an unspeakably bad law, can only be neutralized and negated by its total obliteration. And by the way, that goes for its namesake, also.

Ready for ‘four more years’ of this lunacy from Mr. Hope & Change?
NO? Then, all who would preserve this nation under the Constitution - follow me into the voting booth and vote for the Republican candidate who will defeat and replace Obama, his minions and his ideological lunacy.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2012

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Anonymous said...

Martin Luther King had a "dream", with Obama we got a "nightmare". Have you heard lately any of the Democrats praising ObamaCare? It's like it never existed.

Anonymous said...

You are nothing but a stupid racist.

Only a racist would want to take health care away from those in need.

Inhumane Treatment of Elderly Patients said...

To the Incoherent Obama Drone who called Mort a Racist,
It is nice to see Barney Frank let you come up for air. I assume you don’t like Senior Citizens as the result from socialized medicine kills them the most.

Racial Preferences in Obamcare said...

To the Weasel who called Mort a “Stupid racist”. First, Mort would school you & any Liberal Politician. Second, you are the racist for supporting Obamacare. Any SANE person who researched Obamacare would see it is loaded with racism that was taught by Rev. Wright.

American Commissars said...

Your a Dope!

Anonymous said...

"Only a racist would want to take health care away from those in need".
This is the Dumbest comment ever!

Jose Rodriguez said...

Regarding the Anonymous Liberal attack on Mort: That is the fall back position of leftists, that if you don’t agree with the most Racist President in the past 70 years then you are a racist.

Beverly Hills Car said...

Obamacare will be the downfall of America. Democrats ruined the lives for the next generations.