Thursday, February 16, 2012

Did the U.S. Buy a “Pig in the Poke” in 2008?

That term (idiom) has been used since the Middle Ages to refer to someone buying something without first checking it out as to what it really is. That idiom could also be used to explain how Barack Hussein Obama came to be President of the United States. Did the voters buy a “pig in the poke”?

Never in our modern history has there been so little knowledge of a sitting president than we have by the present occupant in the White House today. Everything about him seems to be shrouded in mystery. He has not been “transparent” like he said his presidency would be. Where was he born? (it took him over 2 ½ years to produce a birth certificate, that some today still thinks is a “photo shopped” phony). What did his parents and grandparents really believe in? Where are his grades that he got in his high school and the colleges he attended? (he has not released them as yet). How did he get into Harvard Law School, was it through pulling strings, by merit and superior grades, or by affirmative action? Where are his medical records? (does he have something to hide relating to his admitted past drug use?). What was his religion before he attended and was baptized in that anti-Semitic and anti-American church run by the “black liberation theology” Pastor Jeremiah Wright? How closely was he tied to the nefarious characters in Chicago like Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn (admitted domestic terrorists), Tony Rezko, a convicted felon who helped him buy his house in Chicago, and Louis Farrakhan, the rabidly anti-white leader of the infamous Black Muslims?

The leftist news media fell in love with Obama during the primaries in 2008, abandoning along the way their previous love affair with Hillary Clinton, and “carried his water” right up to the election of 2008, and which has continued ever since, up till today.

If you noticed, the Republican challengers for the Republican nomination have been given a thorough “anal exam” as to the good and bad things that have happened during their lives, no stone has not been unturned, but that was something that was not done to Obama, as the media “slobbered” over him as the the second coming of Christ. He was their Messiah and he could do no wrong, and besides, he was black (the most important part of his whole make up).

Even today, we only have an inkling as to who and what Obama is. He's like a chameleon, one minute he is a wide-eyed liberal, and in the next minute he's a moderate pragmatist saying some soothing things to the more conservative voters, that he constantly throws under the bus. He tries to please everybody, but he winds up practically pleasing nobody. His actions do not correspond to his words. In other words, he's all talk and no action.

Will he be able to pull off a successful re-election, nobody knows for sure, as the general public might be fooled again by his oratory skills and his “silver tongue”. It'll be up to the motivated Republicans to point up the hypocrisy, deceit, and animosity that he has generated during his first term (hopefully, his last).

It will be a difficult sell for the Obama campaign, but the people did buy a “pig in the poke” before, and it is not out of the realm of possibility that he won't be able to do it again. Heaven help us!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Anonymous said...

He'll get a second term because the only republican willing to confront him on his shady past is Gingrich & he's not electable. Make him release his school records like Trump shamed into releasing the "birth certificat".

George Giftos said...

This editorial should have a national exposure.
My fear is Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians and dis-satisfied independents are going to shoot themselves in the foot again by not uniting and backing the oposition candidate, whoever it turns out to be.

Sandra Stern said...

Already you are seeing the Obama spin machine mobilizing by sending out phony unemployment numbers, phony favorability ratings etc. By election time, the unemployment rate will be 5%, his favorability rating will be 60% and the amount of B.S. will be 100%. We must support whoever gets the Republican nomination, because our country is at stake. We cannot afford 4 more years of this Marxist/Socialist that is residing in the White House now.