Thursday, July 14, 2011

Little by little, drip by drip........

Unfortunately, that's what is happening in our country by the slow erosion of our American Judeo-Christian values that we have championed over the years and that have made us the pre-eminent country of the world. Most objective sane observers would concur with that statement.

But, in our midst there are a gaggle of self-hating Americans and our President, Barack Hussein Obama, who would like to see a “total transformation” of our social and economic society, but they are smart enough not to push their agenda too fast down the throats of the American public. So, if the radical lefty loons can remain in power after the next election, the pace of “transformation” will be accelerated, and the country we have known since its inception will become a distant memory. Obama started out with his ill-timed health care bill, (known as Obamacare), that constituted the government takeover of 1/6 of our economy. The Democrats, ignoring the will of the people, passed this legislative monstrosity with just Democrat votes and no input, of any substance, by the Republicans. The Democrats hail this as a success and an achievement, but more than 60% of the public don't like it and want it repealed. That was one part of the “transformation” that will be an albatross around neck of Obama as he seeks re-election in 2012. Luckily for us, much of the other policies put forth by Obama and the Democrats to “transform” our country, were thwarted by mainly the Republicans and few courageous Democrats.

But, all is not well in “River City” (from the play the Music Man), for over the past 50 years, we've seen the slow erosion of things that we once held dear that seem to no longer matter. Some of these erosion's are:

the breakup of the family by having the government intrude in our everyday lives (ex. since the “War on Poverty” was instituted by LBJ in 1965, today, 70% of the black births are conceived out of wedlock and mostly with no father at home); the assault on the institution of marriage, as has been passed down to us over the centuries, that marriage is defined as between one man and one woman, is longer looked upon as the norm. Now we've been told by the “P.C. Police” that same sex marriage is just as normal as the original pairing of a man and woman, and if you disagree you are then referred to as a homophobe at worst and an intolerant lunatic at best; and that a person being religious is somehow looked upon as that person being illiberal and oppressive, and in addition that person is to be looked upon as being stupid for being a believer; that taking and using drugs should be legalized as being a normal fact of life, mainly because it is too difficult to control, so why bother; and being a success in life is not to be considered an inspiration by the many, but a grievance by the few outspoken lefty loons among us, as being a success means you must've gotten to be a success by trampling upon the rights of others. Hard work and perseverance doesn't seem to matter to them, they want to share the fruits of your labor to people who didn't earn it in the first place.

There are other examples of how we have “defined deviancy down” (a phrase coined by the late Senator , Daniel Patrick Moynihan), to where many of our younger people don't know right from wrong and they think that the world owes them a living. That is the little by little, and drip by drip I was referring to in the headline of this column. We will join the demise of the once great Roman Empire if we don't turn things around, and a good start will be by turning out and voting out the rascals in 2012. It's later than you think, so go out now and do the right thing. All is not lost, yet!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

Please watch the Video below as we feel it ties in well with the subject matter from the article above.

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Philip Silverstein said...

Everyone should be able to see the gradual erosion of our time-tested values as it is being pushed to extinction by the "progressive" segment of our society (liberals and Democrats). Legalizing gay marriage and drugs, approving of abortion up till the moment of actual birth, the dumbing down of American youth by propping up failing schools and incompetent teachers, and by trying to institute the failing economic system of Socialism in place of our free enterprise system, which has made us the economic envy of the world. Add to this the "politics of personal destruction" as advanced by the Democrats, especially against conservative women and conservative blacks, is a recipe for disaster. We must throw the rascals out in 2012. We won't get a second chance.

Anonymous said...

The signs of a disfunctional economy are becoming apparent to nearly everyone: home foreclosures & declining home values, unemployment, price inflation of food & fuel, government inability to deal with disasters, illegal immigrants getting preferential treatment by government - the list goes on. This was PLANNED!

Florida Life said...

How about the push to allow Men into Women's bathrooms and Women into Men's johns. The culture is supposed to give leeway to Cross Dressers, Transgenders and Barney Franks.

John Volpe said...

I once read at a Tea Party gathering a sign that just about summed up all the policies of the Obama Administration. It stated:
"Obama's America wouldn't just welcome your tired, your poor, your huddled masses; It would create them!