Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's Tax the Filthy Rich!

That's the battle cry from the “loony left” as they try to get votes by demonizing the very successful who also happen to be well-off financially. The “filthy rich”.

Since what most of these “economic illiterates” don't tell you, is that even if the income tax rate was raised to 100% on millionaires and billionaires, it would still not cover the trillions of dollars the government is spending. Do you think that fact might temper the rhetoric of their “class warfare” message? Of course not. They figure (the Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, and Socialists) that there are more non-millionaires and non- billionaires than there are low and middle income voters, so why not play on their emotions and make the “rich” evil and to be despised by the average Joe. This is what they (the Democrats) are going to use in the upcoming election, you can bet on it.

An economic fact that they seem to not comprehend, is that when tax rates are lowered (not done away with as conservatives are painted to want to do by the liberals), our economy tends to become more vibrant and businesses begin to expand and to hire workers which, in turn, brings more revenue to the federal government's coffers. The “Statist” philosophy of more and more government intrusion in our lives, as professed by Obama, is the answer and that “fairness” is the word to justify the confiscation of the money from the job producers and the entrepreneurs. From my experience in life, I was never hired to work for a “poor” person and neither were my friends. You don't create prosperity by taking excess money (by taxing) away from the successful, the givers, and giving those monies to the unsuccessful, the takers.
That Keynesian economic model of spend and spend, on the part of the government, is not geared to be a successful stratagem, but it is the blueprint for failure.

There is a fundamental disconnect between liberals and conservatives. A simplistic definition could be framed as liberals are for more government, government regulation, and control of our lives, and conservatives want the government mostly out of our lives and to let the free market take hold of our lives. Look what's happening in our country today, whatever economic figures that should be up are down, and whatever economic figures that should be down is up. Everything is topsy-turvy and Obama wants to continue on the same path come hell or high water. It's like what Albert Einstein once defined insanity as, a person doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Being a narcissist, Obama cannot or will not see the errors of his policies no matter what the damning facts and figures are. It's a hear no evil, see no evil mentality as he and he alone (as he is the anointed Messiah) knows what's best for all of us.

So when you hear the loons blaspheme the “evil” rich, remember that without them the liberals wouldn't be able to offer all those entitlements that are helping to bankrupt our country because they are the one's that supply the revenue through their taxes, the top 10% of taxpayers pay 70% of all the income taxes collected, and 47% of the wage earners pay no income taxes at all. Is that what you call fairness?

Remember to throw the bums out in 2012.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Donald Wirth said...

I have a difference in outlook with a liberal. I don't hate the rich, and I don't pity the poor. The liberal believes just the opposite. Little do the sanctimonious liberals mention the fact that 80% of the richest (millionaires) members in Congress happen to be Democrats. Conservatives believe in trickle down prosperity while the liberals (Socialists) believe in trickle up poverty. As Chuck said, I was never hired by a poor person.

Reclaim America said...

The Left Wing HATES the Bush tax cuts, even more than Bush’s swagger and the Iraq War. While most liberals always call them “TheBushTaxCutsForTheRich” (one word), note that of the prospective $3.9 trillion raised from ending the Bush tax rates, $3.2 trillion (or about 80%) would come not from the rich but from people earning below $250,000 a year, whom Obama ostentatiously promised not to tax any higher

Chicago Politics said...

The primary purpose of Obama Guvment is to take from those who work for a living, and give to those who VOTE for a living.