Monday, July 11, 2011

MSNBC = Mostly Sop Now Broadcast Continually

Is it any wonder that FOX is the #1- watched cable channel on TV? While I've questioned some of its programming choices over the past year or so - whatever its faults - FOX appears to be the only news outlet that even remotely, takes seriously its obligation to address all the pertinent issues of the day. Further, it even has the temerity to challenge the motivations and voracity of the players involved.

On the other hand and typical of the rest of the low-hanging fruit (pun intended) available from all the other TV channels, is unsubstantiated opinion being pontificated by well-coifed but inane non-entities. Is this too-harsh an assessment? Let me provide just one example to support my point:

The mainstay of MSNBC, Chris Mathews and his frequent guest Thomas Friedman, have shmoozed each other for so long with their anti-Republican tirades that the two of them have become an amalgam of looney, far-left ideologies. It doesn't surprise me that they've taken the next short steps to positions that are anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and most disgustingly, anti-American.

That our society tolerates trivial tarts such as these is the painful price we pay for the oftentimes dubious benefits of free speech. Both these smarmies are prime examples of higher-education gone awry. What a waste of somebody's hard-earned money, for tuition.

I first encountered Mathews in March 1983 when he was House Speaker Tip O'Neil's 'go-fer'. I was staging an exhibit of 'communications' vendors in the Cannon House Office Building in Washington, DC. Speaker O'Neil cut the ribbon at the opening of that exhibition titled, "Emerging Technology in Communications & Information". At the time, Chris Mathews was just another of the army of bright-eyed Congressional staffers who raced up and down the halls of Congress.

Some years later we met again. This time, at a National Press Club Author's Night book signing event. He was already appearing on the tube as host of, 'Hardball'. We chatted briefly as I signed copies of my book, "The White House Coloring Book", for his kids. He seemed an affable enough guy. Kind of like a large, tousle-haired kid, himself.

I used to watch 'Hardball' fairly regularly until Mathews emerged from his 'neutral' closet and began the trip down the road of openly, far-left partisanship. When he began to display the telltale signs of classic Democrat intolerance, I began to actively dislike him. His frequent guest Thomas Friedman had always rubbed me the wrong way. He seemed such a pompous ass. So, when this pair became joined at the hip, I lost interest, altogether.

I fully expect and can't wait until, at the end of one of the 'Hardball' shows, they kiss each other 'Goodnight' - on camera. Since I no longer watch their carrying-on, I guess I'll just have to be content with reading about it the next day - that is, if there are any newsrags still being published.

Got to go now, I'm getting a funny kinda feeling running up my left leg.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF

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George Baker said...

Chris Matthews is one of the reasons why MSNBC trails Fox News by a wide margin. His over the top ramblings about the Tea Party and women conservatives like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, make him irrelevent as well as mean-spirited. Mort was right, a Tim Russett he is not. He doesn't have a bi-partisan bone in his body as he is an apologist for anything Obama says or does. He has zero credibility, but he has that tingle up his leg.

Michael Berry.Fan said...

Great work Mort! The Left Wing Marxists, Progressives and just plain ignorant support Bill Maher and Chris Matthews like they are Rocket Scientists. This Chris Matthews is insane! He slobbers all over Obummer one minute the says he smiles like a BOY the next. Chris Matthews is racist and misogynistic. As much as FOX does great work they are still filled with low-life liberals like Jerry Raldo Rivera and WAND Williams and more. The left totally dominates the TV and movies. As Ben Shapiro writes in his new book, it is time for Conservatives to take back our TV's and our Country!

Murray Rosen said...

Did you notice that the more Obama's poll numbers go down the dumper, the more vicious his supporters have become? No discussion only invective and name calling is directed at you if you should criticize the "Messiah". It seems that Chris Matthews has something running down his leg rather than someting running up his leg. Can you imagine a "real" man saying such a stupid thing after listening to Obama speak?