Thursday, July 7, 2011

Are Opponents of Same Sex Marriage Homophobes?

There has been a full frontal assault by the homosexual lobby to make same sex marriage the norm, in society, by not giving the voting citizens the right to determine why thousands of years of human experience should be done away with by upholding traditional marriage. Whenever the issue comes before the voters (even in the uber-liberal State of California), the legalization of same sex marriage has been turned down. It seems that only by judicial fiat, by activist judges, and pressured state legislatures, can the gay lobby prevail. This could now be called the new tyranny of “marriage equality”.

If you are for traditional marriage, the tolerant “intolerant” gay activists call you homophobic, bigoted, insensitive and many other vile epithets to make you feel guilty about upholding the time honored tradition of marriage, between one-man and one-woman. Where is the tolerance on the part of the homosexual community for people who disagree with their position on marriage? They demand tolerance, but do not reciprocate when they are challenged on their position.

While Americans have become increasingly likely to believe that the laws should not discriminate against gay individuals and gay couples, the public still seems reluctant, through various elections in a number of states, to extend protections of the institution of marriage. Shouldn't the core idea of this Republic be that the legal standards and social norms reflect the preferences (or at least the consent) of the majority of the people? The reason why the gay community takes this “end run” around the election process is that they know they can't win at the polls.

Marriage has existed for centuries, and until recent times, it has always meant a union between a man and a woman. The real issue today is whether marriage should be redefined. Most people who are against gay marriage are generally in favor of civil unions and personal contracts between same sex couples. By being against allowing one person to marry a person of the same sex is not anti-gay, it is pro-marriage, as every civilization has defined it.

Some gay activists have equated gay marriage as being a civil right as compared to the black civil rights movement. According to noted pundit and social commentator, Dennis Prager, “One has to be either ignorant of segregation laws and the routine humiliations experienced by blacks during the era of Jim Crow, or one has to be callous to black suffering, to equate that to a person not being allowed to marry a person of the same sex. They are not in the same moral universe”. Most blacks reject that comparison as they voted overwhelmingly for California's Proposition 8 that defined marriage as being a union of a man and a woman.

When the courts or intimidated state legislatures succumb to the pressure of the gay lobby to extend marriage to gay couples, you unlock the door to the common sense of natural marriage, there is really no end to the aberrant forms of sexual preferences that will then also be suing to demand marriage rights. The floodgates will then be opened and not for the betterment of the community as a whole.

So, in answer to the headline question, the real homophobes are really the one's making that charge and not the one's to whom they oppose – the advocates of traditional marriage.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Andy Camera said...

Awhile back I read a poll that found that nearly half of Americans (48%) believe allowing two people of the same sex to marry will "change society for the worse", while only 13% say it will "change society for the better". Gallup found that 75% of self-described liberals support legalizing gay marriage while only 19% of self-described conservatives support it. There is a cultural difference between liberals and conservatives and, unfotunately, the liberals seem to be winning. As Michael Savage has opined, "Liberalism is a mental disease".

Anonymous said...

Liberal muck is slowly creeping into morality. It's sudden if an
object in outer space crashes into earth destroying it. Radical liberalism will have the same effect, only at a slower pace.

Anonymous said...

The argument that current marriage laws "discriminate" against homosexuals confuses discrimination against people with making distinctions among different kinds of behavior. All laws distinguish among different kinds of behavior. What other purpose does law have? While people my be treated the same, all their behaviors are not.

Neill Arnhart said...

Hi, Chuck.

I'm one of those conservatives who does not have a problem with same sex marriage.

My neighbors, Kevin and Roger, are good neighbors, and that's all I expect from them. Anything they do that doesn't affect me is their business, and no one else's.

I don't pretend to understand what the appeal is to be attracted to my own gender in a sexual way, but, that doesn't matter as long as I'm not being coerced in any way.

They've been together longer than many traditional marriages.

My marriage is a covenant between my wife, my self, and God. It also happens to be sanctioned by the state, but if it wasn't, I wouldn't feel any less married. I didn't promise the state that I would be a good husband. I promised God and my wife that I would be good husband. The state is not part of it, nor is Kevin and Roger.

I think that if the institution of marriage can survive what the government and heterosexual couples have done to it over the years, then it can survive same sex marriage.

Stop Marxist Chicago Thugs said...

Tracy Morgan has every right to tell his jokes. What Morgan said that he would shoot or stab his son if he found out he were gay. Some supporters of Morgan said it is a black thing. I think it is a Homophobe thing. However just because you do not agree with same sex marriage does not make you a Homophobe. What should bother everyone is the Left Wingers like Morgan can say anything and we are supposed to not criticize them but typical White People are all racists, homophobe, anti-earth and whatever the Left comes up with.
Is Morgan on the same TV Show as the Misogynistic alec Baldwin?