Monday, October 11, 2010


Yeah, I know the olde Ben Franklin quote is, “A penny saved is a penny earned”, but we are in the “Age of Obama” where the word “saved” is seldom used and only the word “spend” is the acceptable word to use in the White House and the halls of
Congress. Think of all the money that has been wasted in the grand attempt to jump start this devastating recession we've been in, and this is only the beginning. The “Anointed One's” policies are just starting to kick in and the worst is yet to come. Friends, this combo of Frick and Frack (Obama and Biden) are after your wallets and pocketbooks - the “Pied Pipers of Cluelessness” are coming after you with a vengeance, especially if you earn over $200,000 per year. He wants to punish you for being successful, how does that grab you? I'll now be accused of spreading fear, but is it fear or just plain commonsense coming to the fore to explain the destructive policies of this, the most profligate spending Administration in Wash. D.C. history?

It seems that “throwing” money at a problem is what the incompetent President and his Administration are wont to do. It doesn't matter to them whether previous attempts at throwing money at a problem worked or not. I guess if you don't know the
difference between an asset and a liability, like most all the people in the Obama Administration, you'll make those kind of mistakes. Remember, only 8% of the people in his Administration (Obama has 0%) have had any meaningful, hands-on business experience whatsoever. As I said in a previous editorial, the “Peter Principle” is
alive and well in the White House and among the many “lemming” liberals in Congress.

You'll have to admit Obama and his cronies talk a good ballgame, saying all the things that they think you want to hear. I, for one, am allergic to B.S., and every time I see Obama and Biden pontificating over our “Summer of Recovery”, I break out in a rash. How can these legal “wizards” (they are both non-practicing lawyers) say the nonsense they do and keep a straight face? And we thought Reagan was a “B” actor, these guys have him beat by a mile, and we're still counting..

But, you can only B.S. the public for so long. After almost two years, the people have Obama and Biden pegged as governing bunglers (with the exception of the liberal Kool-Aid drinkers who still think these two Keystone Kops are the greatest). It shows you where their heads are at. The voters are poised to take it out on the Democrat incumbent Congressmen and Senators this coming November. A political “bloodbath” is in the works. Once we pry the money spigot away from Obama and the liberals, we'll be able to somewhat control the “evil” policies they want to shove down our throats again, and in the process, bankrupt our country.

If that happens, old Ben Franklin's saying of, “A penny saved is a penny earned” will have the same meaningful definition it once had before Obama and his henchmen took over. Now, let's go do the right thing.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Patrick Kerrigan said...

I have never encountered such blatant liars as Obama and Biden. Whatever is black is white, whatever is white is black. The spin they use gets a person dizzy just trying to figure what they are talking about. Never listen to what they say always watch what they do. If this is an economic "recovery" than Barney Frank is straight and not gay. As Chuck said once, "You can't polish horse manure".

Jim Stetson said...

Because a modern economy is so complex, the wise men tasked with devising regulations (government bureaucrats) frequently create more problems than they solve. Obama talks of saving billions of dollars and then spends trillions to do so. Benjamin Franklin would be aghast at what Obama and the Democrats are doing to our country. Obama gives drunken sailors a bad name.