Monday, July 4, 2011

The First Black President Isn't Black; He's Yellow

Whew! That was close.

After all these years of fostering the impossible dream that we could one day, have a black president - and a 'close-but-no-cigar' false start (remember Bill Clinton bragging that he was the first black president?), so many Americans voted for Obama under the delusional belief that he was black . . . or even, partially black - that the impossible dream came true. He promised to fundamentally change America. And has he ever kept his promise? Yes, he has. In the past 29 months since his election, the America we've known for 230+ years, has become nearly unrecognizable. It is a disaster.

To an ever-growing majority of American voters, it has become increasingly evident that the affable chap who mesmerized more than half the voters in the 2008 presidential election with his eloquence, isn't really a black man, after all. Oh, no question - he is a mix of some black, some white, some brown and some who knows what else. This mystery man from 'who knows where', was recognized early-on as a potentially 'useful tool', by a succession of socialists, communists, mal-contents, pseudo-intellectuals and assorted radicals.

This string of anti-American misfits facilitated the education of Obama and each in turn, contributed to the moulding of the ideology that became his raison d'etre. They placed him on the progressive path to political office and smoothed the way in front of him. They saw to it that he was shielded from the harshness of failure or for that matter, from even the harshness of 'reality'. Community organizer to U.S. Senator from Illinois was a meteoric ride on a greased skid. A mere 100-plus days as a Senator and this man from nowhere was running for the Office of the President of the United States. And, he was elected; it is the stuff of a sci-fi movie.

Fast forward to the end of June 2011 and Obama's prime-time solo performance, speech to the nation. There wasn't anything new in his litany of whines, threats, fear-mongering, racism, class-warfare and deliberate divisiveness. What was new however, was the context. The state of our nation in terms of the economy, our national security and our very survival as a viable 'people' has never been as dire or as close to collapse as we are at this very moment in time. We are reeling from repeated blows to our system of government, our freedoms, our values, our relationships with other nations, our Constitution and our way of life. We are a traumatized people.

Punctuating this critical period in our history, is the awful realization by many who are finding that the veil of omnipotence has been lifted from the formerly stoic-faced Obama the Oracle. What has just been revealed, is the 'Dorian Grey' image of an incompetent impostor, who has been 'outed' by his failures and is in hi-panic mode. He is terrified at the vulnerability of his position. He is stunned at experiencing for the first time, those harsh realities from which he was protected all during his 'formative' years. He is a man on a treadmill, running for his life and realizing that his clothes are on fire.

And, this turkey is making Commander-in-Chief decisions? This cowardly Presidential pretender is playing at war and putting our pride and joy, our finest citizens (our men and women in the Armed Forces) at risk of life and limb? This dimwit is making decisions involving billions and trillions of our tax money, that favor all the wrong people? This 'fake & fraud' is in the final stages of alienating all our traditional allies and beginning an obscene intercourse (with us on the bottom) with the most dangerous of our enemies - the bloodthirsty, radical elements of Islam. This is where the 'Yellow' (mentioned in the headline) comes in. Obama is a coward. Until now, America has never been led by a coward. Fools and mediocre muddlers - yes. But, never until now, led by a coward.

It is time for all (that's, ALL) reasonable men and women in this country to come to their senses. Black, white, brown, yellow, and yes - even pink people, had better come off their high horses, come out of the closet, and come out into the daylight from their close-minded churches and synagogues and mosques. This is 1776 all over again. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil - no longer cuts it. Wake up!

We've got an election to run. We are rushing toward November 2012. And, we'd all better damned well get straight with reality. Obama has to be defeated and his dismally-failed policies repealed and crushed.

There are more good, sensible, patriotic Americans than there are moral weaklings and lazy parasites. It won't be easy to overcome the inertia that has plagued our nation by the so-called 'progressives' (Democrats) who have insinuated themselves into all three branches of our Federal government. Not to mention those State and local officials who view their own self-serving actions as a higher priority than faithfully representing those who elected them. We've got to seek out and support honest, principled candidates for the Presidency and both houses of the Congress.

That's our job, Folks. Let's get to it.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF
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Is ACORN Kosher? said...

Forget the debt crisis, the budget, the EPA growing by 125%, illegal Obamacare, the failing economy and millions of unemployed Americans. All of the White People must be quiet or you are Racist! Let the Community Organizer destroy the Country, you White People just have to give him a chance?

William Bell said...

Herbert Spencer, the English philosopher, once said, "The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools". And so it is with the main stream media,as they attempt to cover up the mistakes of their Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama. As Chuck once said and which Mort Kuff agrees with, you can't polish horse manure, but that's what they are trying to do, and they call it "shovel ready".