Monday, July 18, 2011

AFBO: Any Fool But Obama

"Fool me once, fool me twice . . . ." We all know how that one goes.

Obama has done nothing but 'fool' us and 'play us for fools' since he began his run for the presidency.

He skirted the truth in his campaign rhetoric. He avoided the truth in his pronouncements. He was deceitful in his speeches by knowingly obfuscating the truth regarding his real goals and objectives.
And on, and on, and on.

We've come to understand that when we listen to his articulately-delivered anti-free-enterprise Marxist
patter, what we are hearing seldom bears any resemblance to what he truly means or actually intends.
His words are stitched together to form the musical sounds of a pied piper. Those who were mesmerized by those sounds and who voted this political piper into the highest office in the land have, along with the rest of us, been led right off the cliff of sanity. Nothing - absolutely nothing he has done, has worked out to the benefit or well-being of the vast majority of the faith & family-oriented Americans who believe with all their hearts in the traditional goodness and exceptionalism of these United States of America.

In none of his campaign palaver did he hint that immediately upon taking office, he would begin a full frontal attack against our oldest and most dependable allies, Great Britain and Israel. Never did he mention that immediately upon assuming the presidency, he would begin to suck up to and nuckle under each and every sworn enemy of this nation.

He forbade the use of his middle name, 'Hussein', during the campaign. But, the moment he was elected he was once more, Barack Hussein Obama. Not 'Tom', mind you. Or 'Dick' or 'Harry'. . . or even, 'Bill'.
But, ever so proudly and ever so loudly, 'Hussein'. And this time, it was engraved on a nameplate that sat right atop the desk of the President of the United States of America. A portent of deceits to come.

Well, we didn't have to wait very long. We soon learned that the primary tools in his kit bag were: rabid racism; religious bigotry; class warfare; social justice; divisive rhetoric; and finger-pointing. Throw in some end-running around the Constitutionally mandated 3-branch system of our Federal Government; some specially-favored treatment for unions; and some wholesale hiring of 'czars' answerable only to the President, who would be empowered to assume control of practically every aspect of our lives. And, the newly-elected Pres. had plenty more tricks up his sleeve. Neat, huh?

This is how Obama set about keeping his promise to 'fundamentally change this nation'. We were soon to learn that this re-ordering of our lives included the arbitrary redistribution of the entirety of all the wealth of every American. Every cent of every dollar was destined to be redistributed in accordance with the infinite wisdom of Obama's superior intellect, as he applied the economic lessons learned during his life-long immersion in Marxist ideology. The fog of double-speak that had obscured this grand plan began to dissipate, revealing multitudinous layers of deceit. Can you hear me now?

Henceforth, all fools seeking student loans must apply to the sole-source lender, the U. S. Government.
All fools seeking to buy an automobile that was 'Made in the USA', were admonished to ''think' Chevrolet Volt, (less car,but larger price-tag) available from your friendly government-sanctioned auto manufacturer-of-choice, GM.

All fools looking for a mortgage, look to Washington, DC. All fools with any expectation of sleeping comfortably because our nation's borders were secure . . . fuggetaboutit ! All fools seeking economic stability or our return to leadership status among nations . . . don't make me laugh.

All folks who volunteered to serve in our Armed Forces and their families who support them, prepare to see our military handed over to the brilliant, peace-loving strategists at the UN. Your Commander-in-Chief thinks that is the wisest use of our volunteer Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. Besides that, he'll cut the Defense Budget, thereby permitting the use of those billions to go toward the purchase of crude oil from Venezuela and Brazil. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

All we fools who have entrusted our retirement savings to CDs held in FDIC-Insured banks, lotsa luck.
All fools who dutifully purchase those expensive twisted light bulbs containing Mercury but approved by the EPA, that promise to save you big bucks over the next twenty years, lotsa luck with that, too.

All fools who have qualms about welcoming into our nation, millions of free-loading, bad-intentioned illegal invaders and giving them job preference, funding their education, housing, health-care and the results of their unrestricted fornication - get a life. We need the cheap labor and social upheaval. Haven't you heard of shared sacrifice? Don'tcha get it, yet?

All fools who are blind to or just 'not interested' in the Tsunami wave of radical Islam's insidious encroachment into every aspect of our American way of life - might I suggest that you wake up to the extreme danger that is everywhere in our midst? - not soon-to-come but - here right now! Wake up and get educated to the danger.

Decide for yourself if you want to continue to live under the Constitution that has served to keep us as a free people for 235 years or, you would rather exchange it for the unspeakable horrors of Shariah's practices that come with radical Muslim and bloodthirsty Islamic 'neighbors'? You'll see them kneeling by the hundreds as they pray peacefully while blocking our thoroughfares as they do in France, England and other countries where they've taken possession of the streets. Or, you might notice them being called to prayer five times a day over loud-speakers from literally, thousands of mosques located in every community throughout our nation. Mosques can take the form of tiny storefront 'places of worship' or, they might be huge, fenced-in edifices that are way out of proportion to the Muslim population they currently serve. You've heard of being just a little bit pregnant? Think about it, Obama has. He is engaging in 'talks' with the Muslim Brotherhood. But don't sweat it; we might have many months before we lose our nation to this insanity.

Oh, there's more. Much, much more. What fools we mortals be. A large portion of our citizens still appear to be willing to swill down Obama's Kool-Aid as this fraudulent Fool--in-Charge fully expects us to vote him into office for a second term so that he can orchestrate the final phase of his grand plan: 'The Total Destruction of America and its Replacement by Socialism/Marxism/Communism'.

Well, the Presidential election of November 2012 is just now becoming visible over the horizon. Obama has no challenger on the Democrat side; he is it. There are several viable candidates in contention for the Republican nomination. No rock stars are in evidence at this juncture but, there is time left on the clock.

I am confident that a solid conservative will emerge from the pack - one who will swamp Obama.
But, hear me shout at the very top of my lungs - - on election day, November 2012, vote for


Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Bill Tabel said...

There is an old joke that can be applied to Obama, it goes like this; When can you tell when Obama is lying? The answer: When his lips are moving. That's a sad commentary for the leader of a great country, like the U.S.A, to be described like that, but all indications point for it to be true. You've got to hand it to him, he can lie continually with a straight face, generally with the comment, "Let me be perfectly clear". When he says that, Pinnochio gets jealous. During this upcoming election, will the American people get sucked in again by a silver-tongued charlatan who will say and do anything to get re-elected? Let's hope not!

The Infidel said...

To obtain passage of his first stimulus bill, Hussein Obama assured us that 90% of the jobs created would be in the private sector; but as he well knew, they were Government sector. Lies, Lies and more lies from BHO!