Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A twerp named, 'Thorp'

Attention: New Times

Would someone please read this to Baby Thorp, regarding his dog-with-a-bone act in taking on Congressman Allen West?

Dear Thorpy.

Presumably, your original motivation for embarking on the suicidal course of nipping at the heels of Allen West, was to make a name for yourself as a journalistic 'David', out to slay the terrible giant, 'Goliath'.

Just a word of caution my friend, you are not even a faint shadow of that Biblical hero. Your cowardly stone-chucking at this giant from behind the supposed safety of the 'Fourth Estate', will inevitably lead to over confidence on your part. You will mistake his silence as your having notched an incremental victory in your one-sided skirmish. However, when your metastasized ego finally pushes you beyond the outer perimeter line of his defenses, it will be too late. You will never know what hit you.

I'm certain that in your naivete' as a devotee of Obama (mm-mm-mm) mania, you feel safe and blissfully invulnerable to the messages on caution signs put up by older, wiser and more experienced generations. You fail to take note of these signs at your own risk.

So, enjoy your brief moment in the Sun, Thorpy. For, when you do cross that line, your darkness will be deep and never ending. And Thorpy, please don't flatter yourself that you have received a threat of any sort. You are just not that important in the grand scheme of things. Let's be factual, shall we?
What you have just received is a calculated prediction.

I do so hope that someone reads this to you.

Full-time resident of Florida; Native-born U. S. Citizen; U. S. Navy non-combat vet of WWII;
Conservative activist; friend of Congressman Allen B. West - - or had you guessed that?

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John Wrenn said...

Can you imagine a "hippy" columnist for the New Times putting down one of our heroes in So. Florida, Cong. Allen West? This young whippersnapper by the name of Thorp should do his homewqoek to find out who this man is who he is trying to trash. Not only is Allen West one of the G.O.P.'s "Young Guns", he is the favorite go to guy by most of the main stream media and cable talk shows (with the exception of MSNBC). Mr. Thorp couldn't shine Cong. West's shoes even if the Congressman said it was O.K.

Anonymous said...

The NewTimes wants to talk about Allen West? The NewTimes is a nazi, Pinko Rag!

Anonymous said...

liberals are pondscum

Boca Raton Homes Wall Street said...

I wonder why a MSM type would go out of their way to attack a Hero like Allen West. What a shame.