Sunday, October 31, 2010

RON KLEIN - The embarrassment of Florida's District 22

I find that one of Ron Klein's most disturbing characteristics, aside from his put-offish physical appearance (I refer to his insipid, smarmy, slightly-effeminate facial expression atop his uniform of choice, that faded, rumpled once-blue suit), is his ability to espouse positions that are 180 degrees the opposite of his true viewpoints and beliefs.

Now, who am I to make such a statement? I am an Honorably Discharged veteran of the U.S. Navy who served during WWII (1944-1946). I am a full-time resident (12 years) of the State of Florida; a home owner in Palm Beach County; a registered Republican voter in PB County; a retired industrial designer who headed a successful business for 38 years;
and an active participant who works in support of local Conservative candidates for elected office, who are determined to achieve a smaller, smarter Federal government and most importantly, who are sworn to uphold the original intent of The Constitution of the United States of America.

And, how can I have the temerity to make such a judgement without supporting evidence of either a professional psychiatric evaluation or a documented confession? In the first place, it is quite obvious that neither of these 'proofs of purchase exist, nor are they ever likely to. So, taking my case to court seeking either satisfaction or redress against Klein's woeful misrepresentation on behalf of the citizens of Congressional District 22, is not an option. Beside that, I reside in District 19.

My qualifications for making these judgements are as follows:

1) As a native-born citizen of the United States, I am granted the precious right of free speech by that lovely First Amendment of The Constitution. While that freedom still exists, I'll continue to say what I mean and mean what I say.

2) I am familiar with the Klein's public utterances and his activities including his committee associations, activities and his history of go-along-to-get-along voting, from published accounts in the local papers and in The Congressional Record and from personal observation of his appearances at public functions.

3) My vision, hearing and sense of smell are all still functioning acutely, thank you. So, I can still see, hear and smell a phoney from a mile away.

Klein's 'deaf-ear' response to legitimate questions regarding the suitability of the selection and latent vetting of Keith Ellison to serve on the committee charged with the oversight of anti-Semitic activities, is typical of his weasel-like avoidance of important issues. This cowardly response typifies Klein's behavior, despite his frequent spewing of self-serving rhetoric to the contrary.

Klein is corrupt and cowardly. And as such, it is quite understandable that he has neither the moral or the physical courage to stand up to the pressures put upon him by the operatives of the nefarious radical Islamist cohorts of his fellow-committee-man, the radical Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota. Ellison you will recall, took the oath to 'preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States' while his hand rested on a copy of the Quoran.
There can be no more diverse documents than our straight-forward Constitution and the Quoran. The latter being a mixed bag of quasi-religious precepts and a 'How-to' manual of 'death-to-the-infidels' instruction for the blood-thirsty element of its followers. How duplicitous and hypocritical is that?

Ellison has yet to speak a word of denial or repudiation of any of the overtly anti-American, openly anti-Semitic, anti-USA, and blatantly anti-Israel utterances and actions of CAIR and the dozens of other pseudo-independent groups that operate under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood.

These groups by whatever name they've given themselves, are all about the insinuation of their ideology by hook or crook, into every aspect of our free society for the ultimate purpose of controlling our population via the institution of Sharia 'law'. Their two primary tactics for bringing about compliance on the part of their target-victims are quite simple:

1) BRIBERY - this can take the form of outright gifts of cash or political payoff or,

2) PHYSICAL THREAT - this can take the form of real threats against the life and limbs of the target-victim himself or members of his family.

One or the other of these intimidating tactics is pretty much guaranteed to work against a corrupt and cowardly 'elected official such as Ron Klein. As I see it - Klein, a no-longer practicing ambulance-chasing attorney clings to his public office because that is all he has. He has no track record of genuine accomplishment in terms of public service, beyond his own carefully crafted, self-aggrandizing statements of minor or at best, questionable 'service to veterans or aged constituents.

Klein's only reason for being is to bask in the reflected glory of visible public office and to wield such power and glean such benefits as he can from that office. I have no doubt that he steals rubber bands and paper clips in addition to his government salary, franking privileges and after he is bounced from office, a lifetime pension.

Hence, the title of this rant against the runt: RON KLEIN - The embarrassment of Florida's District 22.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF

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Ron Teunis said...

Never have I seen such a blatant disregard for the truth than the ad Ron Klein ran against Allen West portraying him as being part of a criminal organization. He deserves to lose because of these outrageous charges against a man of integrity who spent 22 years of his life serving his country in the military and he had to put up with this panty waist "wuss" Ron Klein lying about him. Shame on him, as if he had any shame to give.