Thursday, August 5, 2010

Allen West: Honor In Iraq

LTC (Ret) Allen West's exemplary career is being smeared by his opponent. Listen to Allen West explain the facts.
I hope you find this information helpful in promoting Allen West's campaign aimed at restoring honor, integrity and character back to Washington.

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James J. Pirretti said...

Very powerful message.

What a contrast. Klein, an arrogant, egotistical, career politician who will say and do anything to remain in office. West: an honorable, heroic, principled individual who says what he truly believes.

Net Lease said...

Angry democrats said they were unjustly classified as “anti-Americans” when the Iraq War was in need of the Surge. Yet now they have a chance to support a true American Hero and they would rather smear him.

Bob Martin said...

What a choice we have here in Fla.'s 22nd C.D. A man of honor and integity or a professional politician who was a former lobbyist and ambulance chasing lawyer. No wonder that "dirtbag" Ron Klein is panicking by smearing a true American hero, Lt.Col. Allen West. Let's try to clean the HOUSE by electing Allen West as our Congressman on Nov. 2.

Conservative Blogger said...

Having served in the Military, I can explain that the punishment of a Letter of Reprimand is not that serious. I saw some Troops with quite a few Letter of Reps and they continue to serve. The actions Allen West took were heroic not criminal. This Ron Klein should start packing his bags as we MUST have Allen West elected.

Joseph said...

If Ron Klein needs help clearing out his office, I would be more than happy to drive their and assist him in carrying out his cardboard boxes.

Great leaders like Lt. Colonel Allen West have defended America and our freedoms from foreign enemies. Now it's time for us to assist Allen West, defend him from dirt-bags like Ron Klein, and elect him as our representative in Congress for the 22nd District.

I am happy to report that last Tuesday I early-voted and I proudly voted for Colonel West. Please give him your support. Thank you.
Joseph Maldonado