Tuesday, November 2, 2010


For a person who is considered a genius by his “Idol Worshiper” fans and fellow Kool-Aid drinkers, he has made some downright stupid mistakes that shows how inexperienced he is or just how devious he is. His liberal friends had a field day for eight years mocking and marginalizing George W. Bush, sometimes over minor slip-ups of the tongue, but you never heard of President Bush saying or doing disrespectful things about certain sacred things that are held in high esteem by the public. Obama doesn't seem to have a problem making himself seem foolish or disrespectful.

Here is a list of some of his stupid mistakes while President.

1) On one occasion at a press conference he did not display the flag of the U.S.A. behind the podium.
2) He did not salute the flag at the Ft. Hood funeral service.
3) He has not worn an American flag pin on his lapel.
4) He had the cross on the stage behind him covered up when he visited Georgetown University for a speech.
5) He did not attend the Memorial Day service at Arlington Cemetery. Instead he attended an obscure military cemetery ceremony near his hometown of Chicago.
6) He made no mention of the men/women who gave their lives on the 66th anniversary of D-Day.
7) He canceled the National Day of Prayer at the White House.
8) He hosted a group of Muslims in the White House during the holy Muslim day of Ramadan.
9) He didn't attend or issue a congratulatory proclamation to the Boy Scouts at the occasion of their 100th Anniversary celebration.
10) Obama left out the phrase “By their creator” in quoting from the Declaration of Independence at a recent Hispanic Caucus speech.

Some might say that these incidents are just nit-picking and minor happenings or oversights that could befall anyone, but he is not just anyone, he is the President of the United States and he and his staff should know better, but it seems that they just don't give a damn about the facts or protocol.
Shame on them!

Conservative Commentary by by Chuck Lehmann
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Anonymous said...

He does not care about the People of America. He is just a Community Organizer pushing the Chicago Way. Whites need not complain, just go to the back.