Saturday, June 12, 2010

Steve Wynn Takes On Washington

Steve Wynn, a casino resort/real-estate developer who has been credited with spearheading the dramatic resurgence and expansion of the Las Vegas Strip, talks about the Fall of America.
Submitted by Steve Sass

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Robert Half said...

What a breath of fresh air that a real businessman, Steve Wynn, tells us the facts of what's going on and not the lawyers who surround the "Anointed One". The Obama White House hasn't a clue as to how an economy operates and what policies will kill it. Unfortunately, they have chosen the economy killers and we are reaping the "rewards" of his ignorance. When will the liberals admit their mistake and admit that their Messiah is a loser and clueless to boot? Wake up America before it's too late to change these ruinous policies.

Rosie said...

Not only is the Messiah clueless, he is repaying the SEIU & ACORN & Slip and fall Lawyers with our Money. As Mr. Wynn points out, Healthcare would be much more under control if the Radical POTUS had TORT reform.

Beaner said...

Rosie, Tort reform isn't and shouldn't be a function of the US government as per the 10th amendment of the US constitution, it is a function of state governments. Along with that 99.7% of what the gubment does at all now a days isn't constitutional but since the rise of progressivism in the early 20th century it is just business as usual.

Unfortunately basic civics hasn't been taught for decades in the gubment school systems and we're churning out generations of mush headed kids with no concept of the greatness and beauty of the foundation of a republic that was laid before us by the founders of this great land.