Thursday, June 3, 2010

Father Knows Best


In his infinite wisdom Dr. Strangelove, the current occupant of the Oval Office, has ordered offshore drilling for oil, curtailed.

It follows that shortly, he will order one of his auto companies to, “Produce a damn car” (as in his recent order to, ”Plug the damn hole”). A car that will run on wind power to replace the millions of gas guzzlers on this nation’s highways. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks to comply with this Executive Order, ‘cause he’s really serious about this ‘crisis’.

Next, when he is informed that plastic bottles, plastic bags and thousands of other essential items are manufactured from petroleum products, we can expect that he will issue a new Executive Order to, “Make these damn things too, using wind power”. Or maybe, he’ll order these to be made from captured Sun spots. It’s up to him; it’s his choice.

Then, Mr. Wizard will dress up in his Diplomat’s costume of striped pants and Morning coat, and get about the more urgent matter of organizing his next ‘Apology Tour’ aboard Air Force One, with a skeleton staff of just 100-200 flunkies and hangers-on. This ‘official mission’ will position him to apologize to all the Middle East oil ‘Mullahs’ and several terror-sponsoring allies plus, a quick side trip to Venezuela and China. Phew! Won’t we all be glad to see that get done?

And let’s remember Folks, mid-term elections are coming up this November. That’ll be your opportunity to cast your vote for all Obama’s Democrat union thugs from Chicago, his appointed Socialist and other deviant sycophants, his eunuch and lesbo enablers, his environmental pseudo-scientist hacks, his legion of racist hate-mongers that includes - assorted anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-Constitution, anti-Americans and an ever-growing army of ideological militant radical Islamists – to continue on this noble path to oblivion.

Don’tcha just love the way this ‘Hope & Change’ is working out for us?

MORT KUFF © 2010

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Calvary Gal said...

B. Hussein Obama is incompetent at everything except Corruption!

Mark Simone said...

I can remember this blog once wrote a column and stated that "I Told You SO!", pointing out all the "warts" and baggage that Obams was bringing to the White House. Well after seeing how this White House has tried to bribe potential candidates not to run against the "chosen" candidate in Colorado and Pennsylvania, you can see why people warned against Obama and his Chicago thugs taking over in Wash. D.C. I fell on deaf ears. This "Keystone Kop" Administration should've known that the coverup would be worse than the crime, but being book-smart and street-dumb, they fell into the trap which even a pliant media will not be able to put the proverbial genie back into the bottle. How arrogant can they be?