Friday, June 18, 2010



For all his vaunted articulative skills and his self-acknowledged capacity to see-all & know-all, this highly-educated, erudite and super-cool leader of the free world seems incapable of either recognizing or being able to speak the following words in public - out loud:

JIHAD, SHARIA (ISLAMIC) LAW, RADICAL ISLAM, ISLAMIST TERRORISTS, ISLAMISM, MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, CAIR - - and dozens of other terms that connote the intolerance, blackmail, intimidation, personal and political threats and violent acts of thuggery that are the ‘techniques-of-choice’ regularly in use in the insidious encroachment now taking place in America at the hands of the agents of radical Islam.

One would think that if the ‘Anointed One’ finds it so uncomfortable to utter these words himself, terms that the Un-anointed in this world apparently find so easy to utter and so useful in describing this blasphemy in our midst – he would at the very least, empower his legion of Pied Piper enablers to use these terms to alert the public of the dangers they represent. It seems to me that early in my public school education, I learned that the President’s first obligation is to protect the citizens of the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Not only will he not utter these terms himself but, he has issued Executive Orders that they will not be used in public publications or public pronouncements by U.S. Government officials and representatives.

What more proof does anyone need that we are in the death-grip of a maniacal uber-radical who has anything but the welfare and security of Americans in his heart?

The mid-term elections coming this November, represent the precise spot where the rubber hits the pavement of this road-to-oblivion on which we now find our nation speeding.

Every single American of voting age, who has a pulse and who has his or her head screwed-on straight, should have selected one or more conservatively-principled candidates running for public office – and should be seriously working to get these stand-up citizens elected to represent us. This is the time to stop the ideological insanity that Obama and his delusional disciples are so feverishly implementing into laws that curtail our freedoms and control our lives. Once this surge toward the cliff of our demise has been stopped, our new representatives can get about the work of repealing the legislative damage already done – and begin the effort to intelligently fix the myriad of problems we face.

And then in election cycle of 2012, let us initiate and support a conservative juggernaut that will remove the miscreants from all positions of power - and populate those positions with men and women of honor who are dedicated to the precepts of The Constitution of the United States.

We’ve got our work cut out for us. Our countrymen have always been able to express themselves in the heretofore sufficient language we call, English. We’ve never had a problem simply ‘saying it like it is’. Past Presidents have not had the difficulty this president seems to have with the language. Washington could say what he meant. Lincoln could say what he meant. Reagan could say what he meant. Why does the current occupant of ‘Our White House’ have such a problem expressing the fully-apparent truth?

If one tries really hard, anyone of basic intelligence, with the ability to think clearly and possessed of just a moderate command of the English language ‘, ought to be able to formulate and utter aloud the words, ‘Radical Islam’.

Hey Barack Hussein Obama, big-time articulate orator - - you got a problem with that?

Conservative commentary by MORT KUFF © 2010

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James J. Pirretti said...

Hey Mort:

Obama is now a tough guy who is looking for some "ass to kick." Of course, that does not translate to our real enemies: radical Muslims. Maybe he needs to appoint an "Ass Kicking Czar."

Gil Byrne said...

Isn't the symbol of the Democrat Party the donkey (ass)? Maybe he should begin by kicking his own "ASS". Which reminds me that Helen Thomas was driving in a car and stuck her head out the window. A cop saw her and pulled her over for the act of "mooning" in public. Poor Helen can't win. When she was born, the doctor took one look at her and turned around and slapped her father. Anymore ass jokes?