Sunday, June 6, 2010

An apology

Sorry, but the photo we posted showing President Obama and his wife saluting using their left hands was a phony (it was photoshopped) and we should have been more careful before posting it.
As for the use of of the term "moron", we stand by that term even though it did not apply in this case. We realize that it is not an endearing or flattering term when describing others, especially a President and his wife, but we feel that they both fit the dictionary definition of that term. The definition is: "a person who is notably stupid or lacking in judgment". Even though that term did not apply in this case as mentioned above, it does apply as to their other actions in similar situations such as, his wearing and not wearing the American flag pin, his not properly saluting the flag by having his hands folded in front of him during the pledge of allegiance, his not having an American flag displayed behind him at his last press conference, his covering up the Christian cross during his speech at Georgetown University, and Michelle's comment that she was only proud of her country when her husband was nominated to run for president. Those actions, and not the phony left-hand salute picture, is more than enough to justify the use of that term. That term, by the way, is much milder than the words or phrases used to describe President Bush during his 8 years in office by his detractors.

Sorry again for the mistake, we'll try not to repeat it in the future.

Chuck Lehmann, A Conservative For America

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S. Sewak said...

Too bad Barry was not a Man of Honor such as yourself. Barry should apologize for helping destroy America. He should go back to Kenya, where his wife said it is his Homeland.

Cliff Coughlin said...

Even though you seemed to have gotten hoodwinked into posting that photoshopped photo of the Obama's, your apology was the right thing to do. Normally, a photo showing stupidity would be laughed off, but with the Obama's, you never know because their actions in the past seem to give credence that they might do such a moronic thing. I concur that the word "moron" is appropriate in describing their lack of patriotic protocol.

Keep up the good work in exposing these frauds in the White House.