Friday, May 21, 2010

Eric Holder


If Eric Holder were a student horn player, I could probably tolerate his unintelligible sounds - making the excuse that music charts are hard to read, without training. Quite obviously, he is not a trained musician – trained seal is more like it. Even so, he must be able to read English and sound out some English words – he is purported to be a college grad.

Watching his disgusting performance before a Congressional Judicial Committee was a national embarrassment. When he admitted that while he hadn’t actually read the 10-page Arizona law but, that he had read ‘reports’ of its contents – presumably, in the left-leaning, Obama-biased media, he lost any vestige of justification for retaining the position of U. S. Attorney General. He appeared before a Congressional Committee with apparently no preparation; that is most egregious and absolutely unforgivable. To add insult to injury, he stubbornly refused to acknowledge that ‘Radical Islam’ could possibly be a factor in crimes against the security of our nation. He didn’t want to be put in a position of sounding unfair to or accusatory of any religion. He didn’t want to ‘offend’. That did it for me.

So, I’m suggesting that in order to make his life a bit more comfy for him, he should be axxed to take a slightly modified oath of office, along the following lines:

“As Attorney General of these United States of America, I swear to protect and preserve the unlawful rights of both foreign and domestic violently radical Islamic terrorists, from being infringed upon by duly sworn officers of the Department of Justice or law enforcement agencies from any of our 57 states and further, that any legitimate citizen of the United States who even appears to cast a sideways glance at a Muslim thug (moderate or radical) will be chased down like a dog and prosecuted to the full extent of existing U.S. laws on the books, until Sharia law is established by ‘Super Mullah - Barack Hussein Obama.”

There, that oughta do it.

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Boynton Beach, FL
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Jack Sweeney said...

Mort, don't be so hard on Eric Holder, he ain't done nuttin! Can you imagine that the "forgiving Democrats" thought that Alberto Gonzalez was a legal disaster? In Gonzalez's worst day, he wouldn't be the embarassment that Holder is today. He (Holder) couldn't read the 16 page Arizona law? Give me a break. This is the same guy that fought for the pardon of Marc Rich in the Clinton Administration. It's deja vu all over again!

A Bitter Clinger said...

Holder calls Americans cowards? The Republican Americans who lost their lives fighting to free slaves? The Messiah and Holder do not denounce Terrorists as these are their clients!

Loan said...

This is very dangerous for America to have Eric Holder in this position of US Attorney General.

Hal Kuntz said...

Now will someone call out Colin Powell after the damage being done by Super Mullah? Powell had all the same ideas as WHITE John McCain yet went with the Super Mullah. Powell should be remembered for this act of supporting B. Hussein Obama.