Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Why does the “loony left” go crazy when they refer to Sarah Palin? What was the sin that she committed to cause them to vent so much vitriol and vituperation toward her? Who are these new “misogynists” and why do they go bonkers about Sarah?

It cuts across the sexes – it seems the new misogynists are equal opportunity Sarah bashers. Females Maureen Dowd, Naomi Wolf, Rachel Maddow, Sally Quinn along with the sexist males like Keith Olbermann, David Brooks, Bill Maher, David Letterman, are all hung up on the mental capacity of Sarah Palin and why she should be considered to be a political lightweight and worse.

Just over a year and a half ago, Sarah Palin was a very popular governor of the great State of Alaska. She was known as a feisty chief executive who wasn’t afraid to stand up to the powers-to-be, including her fellow Republicans. The people of Alaska loved her and her approval rating was in the upper 60’s. All this positive evaluation changed when candidate John McCain chose her to be his running mate.

Thrust into the spotlight, the media was caught by surprise and it caught the Democrats by surprise as well. Her acceptance speech at the Republican convention got rave reviews and jump started a morose McCain campaign. It took about a “whole” week before the barbs and arrows started to be aimed at Sarah. Right after the Republican convention, the McCain – Palin ticket was neck and neck with Obama and it stayed that way, because of Sarah, until the Wall St. meltdown occurred. It was downhill for the McCain – Palin ticket after that and no amount of Sarah charisma could bail them out in the race for the presidency.

Sarah became the super star, gathering standing only crowds wherever she went and spoke on the campaign trail. But, she couldn’t overcome the bland, flawed candidacy of John McCain who was heading up the ticket.

The trashing of Sarah focused mainly on the personal rather than on the political. She personally came under attack for her speech patterns, her clothes, her Alaskan lifestyle, her colleges, her pregnant daughter, her husband and her religious beliefs. It seems the Democrats panicked upon seeing this unknown woman governor from a far-away state getting so much positive attention. The opposition sent up hordes of investigators and lawyers to Alaska to get the “dirt” on Sarah Palin. Everybody who had an interaction with her was ripe for the pickings for these “goon squads” who were dispatched to the wilds of Alaska.

What was it that troubled her attackers so much? The main one seemed to be that she was ardently religious and anti-abortion. That’s a terrible “sin” in the eyes of the “loony left” liberal progressives. Also, the elitist feminists looked down upon her lifestyle which included being able to use a gun and go hunting and being able to ride a snowmobile. That surely didn’t fit the mold of the “man-hating” Park Ave. feminists. Of course, her conservative political views also opened her up to attack and belittlement. Finally, it seems that the fact that she was a very good looking, attractive woman caused the below average looking liberal women plenty of angst and caused their vocal derision directed toward Sarah. You could say that “envy” raised its ugly head to try to bring Sarah down.

Today, Sarah has made a tremendous comeback with a blockbuster book and tour. The jackals are coming out of their den and the vitriol has again emerged, but this time, she is free to take them on without the restraints of abiding by the campaign staff that she had no control of.

She’s back and still driving the liberals crazy. Go Sarah go. Give ‘em hell!

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Cooper said...

She's a charismatic, STRONG woman who appeals to people. Her ratings are on the rise, as opposed to Odummy.

Roy from Texas said...

Yes, Sarah and what about Rep. Michele Bachmann? and Liz Cheney? My world is a better place because of THESE WOMEN!

Jack Kurdy said...

Where were the feminists in defense of what was said about Sarah? They are not interested in women's rights unless the women happen to be liberal. Rush Limbaugh at one time gave a definition of feminism that still rings true today. He said, "Feminism was created so as to allow unattractive liberal women access to the mainstream of society". Where were they when the women who came forth accusing Bill Clinton of sexual abuse? They were A.W.O.L., as they are today with Sarah Palin. They are the new misogynists! I wonder how much they charge to haunt a house?

Unknown said...

It is a spiritual hatred. She isn't just pro-life...she lives it. The same hatred the left had for Bush (and he was liberal on spending). That one issue makes pro-abortionists defy all logic and go stinkin mad.
Her northern accent drives them crazy too, they'd do the same if she had a drawl. They equate that with stupidity. They live in a East Coast(west coast) bubble.

Larry Hurst said...

By her very existence she puts the lie to numerous liberal mantras, such as the notion that women cannot advance without affirmative action or the lie that Republicans are sexist.