Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Meet Your Democratic Leadership

This video shows one of the authors of the health care care bill, Senator Max Baucus, on the floor of the Senate. Baucus as per this video is either drunk or an idiot. He stumbles, mumbles, and makes little sense. Perhaps the only way you can get through this 2,000+ page bill is by taking a few hits on the bottle.

Submitted by Jim Pirretti

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Vegas Patriot said...

It's nice to see someone carrying on with Ted Kennedy's, 3 Martini Lunch.

Anonymous said...

And Baucus is the Finance Committee Chairman!!! No wonder our tax money is being spent as if it were running water. These people are drinking it away and are drunk on power. That's why our children and grandchildren will bear the financial price because of crooked idiots like these in the Capitol. This country is so screwed.

T. Paine said...

There is no place in the Constitution, that grants Congress the authority to require that Americans purchase health insurance. democrats are trampling our individual rights

Frank Farese said...

Not only are the Dems drunk with power, they are spending our tax dollars like drunken sailors and they are giving drunken sailors a bad name. Ted Kennedy is looking up and smiling, giving ole Max Baucus the thumbs up and saying, "have one on me"! He wishes he was here so he could drive him home, like the good ole times in Chappaquiddick.