Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Letter to Senator Ben Nelson

The following is an excerpt from a letter sent by a Nebraska physician to Senator Ben Nelson, one of the last Democratic holdouts who accepted the bribe from Obama and Reid to vote for the health care bill. It is amazing how the Democrats have bribed, threatened, and coerced to get this bill though the Senate. The entire letter can be read at

I’m a primary care doctor in YOUR state, and you sold me out. I didn’t slog through 4 years of college and 4 years of medical school and 3 years of residency just to have you hand my career and my patient/doctor relationships over to government lifers. Your gutless acquiescence to Obama and Harry Reid and ‘Nanny’ Pelosi will NOT be forgotten.

Thank you, Ben, for forcing doctors like me to earn less than the repairmen who fix our appliances. Case in point: We recently had our dishwasher fixed. The repairman who came to our house charged $65 just to come and ‘diagnose’ the problem, then charged another $180 to ‘fix’ the problem. You and your fellow lawmakers have fixed MY going rate (Medicare) at $35 per-visit. Thank you for securing such a ‘lucrative’ rate for me! Thank you so much for making me–someone with 8 years of education!–make less than a mechanic or appliance repair technician. And thanks especially for falling in line with Obama and the rest of the Democrats to make such a socialist system permanent.
You have my disgust and disdain forever, you socialist-coddling coward.

Could not have been said better. I wonder what kind of doctors we will be in store for us when after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and so much work they can look forward to making $35 a visit - less than the Maytag repair man.

Submitted by Jim Pirretti

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Teck said...

Hey Ben Nelson! Think twice before running for re-election again. You are a cheap imitation of a real person. Someday you will be held accountable, you thieving lying pig.

Anonymous said...

Ben Nelson is sellout. All talk and in the end he just wanted a payoff like so many other Democrats. Disgusting.

Cliff Coughlin said...

The famous comment by attorney Joseph Welch, at the Army-McCarthy hearings, back in 1953, would certainly apply to what Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) did in casting his vote for that monstrosity of a health care bill. Attorney Welch said, "You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last have you no sense of decency"? Those words would also apply to what Sen. Nelson, Sen. Landrieu and all the other sellouts who voted against their so-called stated priciples for political bribes. What an inglorious bunch of "ho's" we have in the U.S. Senate. They should all be ashamed, but, unfotunately, they have no shame. Chuck, as you once said, a "pox on all their houses".