Monday, December 28, 2009


Normally, using the word “insane” (a definition of insane is someone utterly senseless, or irrational) in place of a person’s real name would be called a slur, but when you analyze all that Pres. Obama has said and done this past year – the term “insane” fits him to a tee.

Let’s see what he has said over and over again which wasn’t true, in fact, a lie. He stated over and over that his administration would be the most transparent ever – not true as his operatives and his Congress have developed a health care bill, without any G.O.P. input, behind closed doors – no transparency there, is there? He also said that the negotiations for his high priority bills (health care, for instance) would be broadcast on C-Span – again a falsehood, as if it wasn’t obvious to an aware person with normal intelligence. In addition, he said any legislation would be available on the internet for at least 5 days before it is voted on – that, of course, didn’t happen, I wonder why?

Remember when the “Messiah” (a/k/a Barack “Insane” Obama), said that people earning under $250,000 wouldn’t pay “one more dime in taxes” – no ifs, ands, or buts – how did that promise pan out? I don’t think average wage earners who use tanning parlors would agree with that claim? It’ll cost them 10% more for getting that gorgeous tan. Maybe that’s one way of putting tanning parlors out of business.

In trying to add 30 million people to the health insurance rolls, the “Anointed One” said it wouldn’t raise our deficit; in fact, it would lower our deficit, as he put on his rose colored glasses in making that pronouncement. I’m sure you buy that claim, don’t you? Of course you do, if you’re stupid?

Then we come to the hot topic of global warming – he said we will, and the entire world, would be in a major environmental crisis if we don’t act immediately to cut down on carbon dioxide emissions caused by human activity – of course that’s true, because we all breathe in oxygen and breathe out the dreaded “pollutant” carbon dioxide. Every scientist knows that carbon dioxide is a plant food, but not “non-scientists” like Nobel Prize winner Al Gore, who is counting his obscene money profits by conning people into believing his “Convenient Lies” (his book was misnamed “An Inconvenient Truth”) of man-made global warming and apocalyptic climate change.

The list goes on and on, but according to the “Lame Stream Media” it really doesn’t matter that Obama lies or fudges on the truth, as they have a vested interest in keeping Barack “Insane” Obama from failing at his job as Commander in Chief and as President. It’s too bad the media didn’t have the same feelings for former Pres. George W. Bush – but, then again, they didn’t have a vested interest in him, only abject loathing and ridicule. Yeah, that was fair and balanced. C’est la vie!

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Jack Sweeney said...

We all assume that Obama supporters have at least normal intelligence, but when it is obvious that what he has said and done as president is patently false, and they still worship him, it sought of throws a monkey wrench into that claim of having normal intelligence. He is like the "Pied Piper" leading the lemmings into the abyss of blind idolotry and to the possible death of a once great country. You have to be insane to carry out that scenario, so the designation is perfectly valid.

Anonymous said...

I feel like no one is paying any attention. We elected our representatives to take our beliefs to Washington. We trusted them! I cannot believe that we now live in a dictatorship!! This is unbelievable! Everyone seems to be following Obama as if he knows what he is doing. PLEASE - conservatives let's all work together. We have some differences, but we need to join together to stop this craziness!

Anonymous said...

Obama is so bad for the country I see my friends who voted for the guy in a different light now. I don't consider them as smart as I once did. Clearly anyone still on Obama train is either black or really ignorant.

Anonymous said...

It has been perfectly obvious to me for quite some time that our so-called "Native Born" President Obama says one thing and does another, no who it might hurt. This is not surprising, just very saddening IMHO. I have never been able to watch him, nor any of his minions, make an address on TV due to the fact that I am insulted when someone simply lies to my face and expects me to fall for it!