Sunday, December 20, 2009


This video is of Lt. Col. Allen West, who appeared on the Hannity Show on Dec. 15th. Allen is a hero down in these parts. a decorated (many times) Warrior on the battlegrounds of the Middle East, former high school teacher, scuba diver, motorcyclist, Father of two and the most remarkable Candidate for Congress you have ever seen!
Whether you are registered in FL District 22 or if you live out of this area, just watch and listen to this guy who will take his seat as a freshman in Congress and from day one in office, will lead this Country back to greatness.
He is fearless, outspoken, and has the brilliance to rally others to his side in defense of our Constitution, security and to reinstate the self respect we once had and were proud of in this Country.

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Jim Gragg said...

Can you imagine when Allen West gets elected to Congress and he apllies for membership in the Congressional Black Caucus (he might not even apply to get into this Marxist group)? Don't you think some in that group might need a change of underwear after witnessing the presence of a true blue American like Lt.Col. West?

Unknown said...

The more I read about and study Lt. Colonel West the more I admire the guy. I am optimistic that he will be an outstanding member of Congress when he's sworn in January 2011. We must support this man, this patriot, this hero, this family man with every thing we've got. I see a light at the end of this dark tunnel called the Demoncrat Congress. Colonel West has my full support. Thank you sir.
Joseph Maldonado