Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Congressional Candidate Lieutenant Colonel Allen West

Lt. Col. Allen West (RET), a rising star in the Republican Party, has appeared on the Sean Hannity Show.
This is the video that catapulted him to national prominence.
We have a Link for his website on the right side of our Blog.
Allen West is running for Congress, in Florida District 22.

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1 comment:

Jim Riley said...

How come we are called a racist if we criticize Obama, but no mention is made if we support a true, black, American hero like Lt. Col. Allen West for Congress?
The "race hustlers", Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, couldn't carry his boots as he doesn't need a government handout or phony benefactors to get ahead in life. Support Allen West for Congress in Florida's 22nd C.D.
Bring integrity back to Congress, electing Allen is a start.