Thursday, September 17, 2009


Investors Business Daily polled more than 25,000 doctors concerning the health care bills. They then ran an excellent article about the poll. See

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65% of the doctors oppose Obomacare and 45% said they would consider quitting the medical profession if this bill is made into law. The best quote I heard was from one doctor who summed up the proposal as “All the efficiency of the Post Office, all the compassion of the motor vehicle bureau.”

This was somewhat surprising since the AMA is for the bill. But then again, only 18% of the physicians belong to the AMA and more are quitting every day over their stance. It seems to me the AMA lack of representation among doctors parallels the AARP’s representation of retired folks.
Submitted by James Pirretti

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Jeanette A. said...

Obama does not care for American Citizens. He will make this great Country into a 3rd world country. He and Soros will have the best Doctors & Chefs, etc. at their “Work Camps”.

Anonymous said...

This Clown, Odopey, surely has committed violations opening the door to impeachment. He has done nothing to protect American citizens which is his main function as president.
Wishful thinking I know, still dreaming of a non-violent military coup.