Monday, September 21, 2009


There has been a flurry of accusations recently directed at the people who are against the policies of the President and his Administration. To some on the left, anyone who criticizes President Obama or his policies is somehow guilty of “racist” behavior.

How did we evolve into this position that dissent directed at an elected leader, in this case a black leader, is somehow tantamount to someone being called a “racist”?

If you notice, all the “racist” rhetoric is coming from one side of the political aisle. It is the liberal Democrats, spearheaded by the Neanderthal ex-president Jimmy Carter and the acid-tongued Maureen Dowd. Both state that the main opposition against President Obama’s policies is “racist” with no back up proof or verification whatsoever. It is what they “think” is the reason.

Most all the people I know, who question his policies, are questioning those policies on their own merits as to what those policies would do to the country and not what the color of the skin of the President is. It seems that the lower President Obama’s poll numbers go down into the tank, the more vicious the vitriol, by his supporters, has become against those they don’t agree with. You could say it is not the skin of the President that is at issue, it’s how “thin” his skin is.

They point out that some people, at the Tea Parties and Town Hall Meetings have carried unflattering signs about President Obama and his “imaginary” health care insurance plan. So what! Are those signs any worse than what the anti-President Bush Kool-Aid drinkers carried and said during his presidency? The self-righteous Maureen Dowd was especially vicious in describing George Bush and his Administration during the 8 years he was in office. Was she ever accused of being an anti-white male “cracker” during her tirades? No, she was just accused of being nasty and stupid. Both of which rightly applied to her manner of dissent.

It seems that you can’t question anything about President Obama, unless you want the wrath of being called a “racist” thrust upon you. This was supposed to be a “post racial presidency”, but it looks like the polarization has gotten worse, partly as a result of the actions of the President and his surrogates. They don’t want to argue the facts of his policies, they just want to shut down debate by using the hammer word “racist” whenever the public turns on Obama, like it has over his health care policies. His “idol worshippers” cannot stand any criticism of Obama or his Administration.

So, who are the real “racists”? I contend that the accusers should look in the mirror and see for themselves who the “racists” really are - they will then see the real “racists” staring at them right in the mirror.

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Tony Panella said...

Maureen Dowd: bipolar, schizophrenic, or just an idiot? Dowd and Carter just push their Racist beliefs on the Public. Self-loathing whites are dangerous to society

Jennie said...

Aren't they despicable? Why won't Carter just pack up and move to Cuba already.

Jackson said...

This is appalling. Obama sends out all his minions to scream racism & then meekly denounces it so he can look to be an even bigger victim than when this whole charade began.

Anonymous said...

Keep on hammering them Charlie - like the old days at SHS - LD