Saturday, September 26, 2009

Netanyahu Blasts United Nations

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blasts the hypocrisy of the United Nations. Listen for yourselves to what he had to say.

Click on Picture to watch a portion of his speech.

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Mr. I said...

we can now officially declare benjamin netanyahu the leader of the free world based on his speech at the u.n. this week!

Dick Lombardi said...

Why can't our leaders have the "gonads" that Benjamin Netanyahu has? He spoke like a real leader expressing in plain language what our "Narcissist in Chief" needs a teleprompter to spew out and to apologize to world about his own country. Netanyahu is proud of his country and is willing to fight for its freedom even in the face of antagonism from the countries of the impotent United Nations. We need someone in our country like Bebe Netanyahu. We can dream can't we?

Dick Lombardi